****Meetings are held the second Monday of the month from September through June at 7:00 PM at the Mennonite Church in Frazer****

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March Newsletter 2013

Hi Quilters,

We just had a blast at the Getaway in Bird-In-Hand, but I won't bore you with the lurid details (what happens at the Getaway Stays at the Getaway ;)).  I was so excited to get home and continue working on the project I was working on all weekend.  But guess what - the worst thing in the world, I forgot my sewing machine chord.  I left it on the table at the Eagle Room.  Can you believe it?  I made a bunch of phone calls.  They were very helpful at the hotel and they found it.  So I am flying back to Lancaster to pick it up as soon as I am finished this note.  I can't be without my machine. 

We had a very productive Quilt Show meeting on Saturday.  To those of you that drove out special to meet with us we really appreciate it.  I am going to assemble specific requests from the Quilt Show Volunteers that I will send out via email by the end of the week.  I will call it the QUILT SHOW FLASH.  Please look for it and read over those requests and help out where you can.  The show is going to be awesome but we need all members of the guild helping out. 

Spring is right around the corner and I am looking forward to warmer days and the quilt show.  Hope to see you all at the meeting Monday.  
Happy Quilting

Robin McMillen

Programs-Christine Harkins

March – Lisa Calle – Divide and Design
Long arm machine quilter extraordinaire will show us how to approach the quilting design process in a whole new way.  She will also talk on how to prepare your top for your long arm machine quilter and how to block your quilted top.
This promises to be a great lecture from a great quilter!

April - Challenge, New Member night and Quilt Show wrap up

May - Bob DeCarli, Weaving Patterns to Quilts 
Bob’s first book “Shadow Log Cabins”, is due out this fall and
he is already in the planning stages for a second.
As always, Bob’s ideas will be unique and creative showing us how to take weaving patterns and translate them into quilts!
We will also take time to recognize our Quilt Show winners of the raffle quilt project and more!!!

Hospitality - Angel Henderson
Snack list for March guild meeting:  E. Mincarelli, M. Morello, R. Newlander*, L.O'Brien, M. Paczok, M. Palumba*, Lee Paylor.  Those with a star after their name bring a beverage for the group.  If you cannot attend the meeting please switch with a friend and let me know so we have enough for everyone!

Membership - Rob Lodi and Pat Smith

March Birthdays

Marti Campbell
Fay Ann Grider
Pat Sherman
Jan Zwizanski

Quilt Show

QUILT SHOW—Finish those quilts—2 months to go!!!!!

Remember our next quilt show is Friday and Saturday, May 3-4, 2013.

Now’s the time to put the medal to the pedal.  Get those quilts done and turn in your Quilt Entry forms (pictures of the top are fine, but we do need measurements).  Quilt Entries are due April 5.  Make sure you get your forms and checks into Ellen McMillen.  Spread the word to your friends.  Copies are on our site:  www.pennoaksquilters.org.

OK everyone—the push is on.  What we need from all of you is to go through your tools, books, patterns and fabrics to help out with Jean’s baskets and the Acorn Shop.  We start putting baskets together in April, so to help manage the process, your early contributions are really appreciated by Jean and her team.  If you have gently used tools, new patterns, more current gently used books or extra fat quarters, she could use them, too.  She could also use yardage of recent fabrics (not 1980’s or 90’s); fat quarters and any other cloth items like charm packs you know you won’t use.

Sara Borr is requesting rick rack, lace, buttons, trims, etc. to make packets to sell at the shop.  As you do your Fall/Winter quilt room cleaning, remember to collect your gently used or new (great intentions) patterns for Sara.  They sold very well last time.  If you know you’ll never make it, the guild will get the return.  Also if you have some great ideas or want to host a small workshop to make that idea, please contact Sara. We have a pattern for festive table napkins.  Kelly forwarded it.  We also will be making Kindle/Nook/Ipad covers. We will be making sachets and many items are coming from Marti’s workshops.

Here are the nine vendors filling the 12 vendor.  We are DONE!!!. Here they are: newest is The Quilt Block plus B&K’s Country Crafts and Quilts (2); Diane Phalen Watercolors; Handmaiden Designs; Happy Valley Quilting; J. Illiano Designs; Jackie’s Woolens; Pottstown Sewing (3); and Timberline Patchwork. YEAH!!!!! Check out the list on the our website www.pennoaksquilters.org plus the list of current door prizes.

Our February Quilt Show meeting was held at the Getaway—in the lounge (remember Clue). 

Chris Harkins will manage the raffles for the GO!Baby with die, Baby Lock B9 sewing machine from Hayes (which I now have), new knitting machine from Marti and possibly another machine from Baby Lock.  We have a lot to tell our potential visiting guilds about. 

Kelly Meanix is chairing a small quilt raffle where each member will be asked to make a 16” x 24” (finished) quilt that we will raffle at the show.  She gave information at our June  meeting so please contact her for more information or clarification.  Of course 100% participation would be terrific!  The quilts will be due the end of March so she can have time to take pictures for the raffle “bags”.

Also, registration for helpers started at our January 2013 meeting and will go on until full.  There will be one overall sheet with all positions to pass for you to mark the times on the day(s) you can work.   Remember, no floaters.

A quilt show takes everyone in the guild to be successful.  Your contributions help fund our charitable giving and programs.  We need your time as much as we need your items.  Thanks for everyone’s contributions so far. 

I actually finished my small raffle quilt.  YEAH!!!

Committee Members
Show Chair                                                                        Suzanne Stiverson          
                2015 chairs + Asst                                             Selena McFalls and Helen Hofbauer
Acorn Shoppe                                                                    Sara Borr
Clean-up                                                                             Marti Campbell
Door Prize (letters, etc)                                                      Suzanne Stiverson & Selena McFalls
Floor Design & Set-up                                                       Bob DeCarli
Judges’ and Quilt forms                                                     Ellen McMillen
  Quilt Acceptance/Sign-in/return   (on-site)                      Jean Zubert and Cindy Vognetz   
  Scribes (for judges’ comments)                                        Ellen McMillen
Lancaster Shops                                                                 Pat Sherman
Program Brochure                                                              Carolyn Davis and Rita Smith
            Shadow                                                                  Denise Blake
Props                                                                                   Pat Smith
Publicity                                                                             Leslie O’Brien
Raffles                                                                                Chris Harkins  (Baby Lock, Knitting machine, GO!Baby)
Quilt Show Signage (hung quilts)                                      Myrna Paluba
Raffle Baskets                                                                    Jean Fox
Raffle/Auction mini quilts                                                  Kelly Meanix
Registration and Admissions                                              Mary Morello (Saturday only)
Show Signage                                                                     Elaine Egan
Vendor                                                                                Suzanne and Helen Hofbauer
Website                                                                               Maureen Carlson
White Glove                                                                       Marti Campbell

Silent Auction - Denise Blake
I'll be having the silent auction at the April meeting, if anyone wants to bring donations.

Denise Blake

Patches of Love -Rita Marie Smith

As many of you know, instead of participating in Quilts for Kids this year, we are making pillowcases. If you don't have a favorite pattern, I'd be glad to provide you with a copy of an easy one at a Guild meeting (same one demonstrated at the January meeting.) The Penn State Hershey pediatric unit will be the recipient this year. They are asking for help in providing their many young patients with pillowcases. Bright, cheery, fun fabric would be most appropriate for the hundreds of children they care for. If you are aware of another local hospital or hospice in need, please let me know and we could focus on them next year. We are purchasing or using our own fabric for the pillowcases. Let's see how many we can make by May ! If everyone made 2 we would have over 100! Rita Marie

Acorn Shop - Sara Borr
Acorn Shoppe
Hope everyone is working on projects or collecting items for the Acorn Shoppe.
I will again bring the sachet kits and hope members will take one or 2 home to make.  They take very little time.
I will have forms available for those selling items for commission.
DO NOT bring items yet. I will collect them in April except for large and heavy items.  They can be brought to the fire hall on Thurs. 02 May, set up day.
Remember that all profits from the Acorn Shoppe will be used for future programs.
Any questions, contact me at sbeyerborr713@msn.com  or 610-269-1155.
Sara  Borr

Mystery Box

There will be no Mystery Box in March but watch for an 
exciting prize at the April meeting. The Mystery Box is 
a fund-raiser for the guild. Chances are $1 or 6 for $5 and
the prize is always worth $20 or more.

Stephanie Braskey

Challenge- Kelly Meanix and Suzanne Simmons

IF you still need fabric for the challenge contact one of us. All quilts are due at the April meeting, size 24 x 24  you must use the fabric in the quilt and it must  be quilted and bound.

Quilt Happenings

American Quilter’s Society Quilt Show and Contest in Lancaster, PA
March 13-16, 2013
Registration opens Dec 3, 2012

Lancaster Spring Quilt Show
Host Resort in Lancaster, PA
March 13-16, 2013

Quilts on the Mountain XIII
April 20-21, 2013
Stroudsburg Junior HS, Stroudsburg, PA

A World of Quilts  XXXIV
May 4-5, 2013
John F. Kennedy HS
Somers, NY

Stitched Through Time: A Legacy of Quilts, Part II
Through May 24, 2013
Gloucester County Historical Society Museum
Woodbury, NJ  08096