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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

August 2015 Newsletter

President's Letter

Hello Guild,

I hope everyone is having a great summer and getting a lot of sewing done. The August bee is coming up soon. Knowing the bee is almost here is a bit like observing the days getting shorter and the sun steadily getting lower in the sky. It means autumn is coming, but not that fast! We still have a lot of summer to enjoy. We still have time to collect rows at our favorite quit shops and enjoy light, bright, airy fabrics that remind us of the season. Perhaps you are sewing lots and lots of pillow cases or other items to show others that quilters care. Hershey held a great show this year and I know many of us attended. And of course, there is always just doing nothing but enjoy great weather and cooking up good fresh farm food. 

Keep collecting your ideas for the challenge. Still stumped? Try this. It worked for me. Say to yourself that you will do something related to the next great favorite movie you see. Channel surf and see what stands out. Find that favorite classic. Maybe an advertisement that reminds you of an oldie. Maybe a Facebook post that reflects on a movie. You'll find it. We do have time, but there is not time like the present. Umm...was that a cliche? 

I hope to see many of you in August. September is coming and know Programs is working hard to set up a great year. 

Keep sewing,

Summer Bee
Our annual "Quilting Bee" is scheduled for August 10th, 4:00 to 8:30.  Come when you can, leave if you must.  This is always a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and make some new ones!  Bring a project, quilting or not.  Bring your favorite tips, tricks or favorite techniques to share.  Bring your favorite food.  Or just bring your favorite summer stories.  We all love to talk and listen!

As of right now I have not heard back from anyone interested in another swap. I am guessing many of you out there have jelly rolls stashed away that you are waiting to do something with. How about a 4 patch swap using up those jelly rolls? The way it would work is to take (2) 2 1/2" strips, sew them together, cut up 2 1/2" sections the length of the strip and sew them together to make a 4 patch. See the tutorial below.

You don't have to have a jelly roll you can also cut up strips from yardage. This time instead of assigning colors every month we can do a traditional/reproduction swap and or a modern/bright color swap and the choice of colors is your own.
Email me Kellymx@aol.com and let me know if there is any interest.

Sew 2 jelly roll strips or (2) 2 1/2" strips that are about 45" long together. Press the seam to the darker fabric.

Trim off the edge, make sure it is squared up.

Now cut 2 1/2" sections, continuing down the entire strip. I was able to get 17 cuts out of the strip.

Pair them up (I got 8 pairs) and sew them together as shown above.

Sew them assembly line style.....

Don't press the seam allowance to one side.

Instead open up the seam in the center so it looks like a little 4 patch and press well. This will make it lie much flatter and you won't get that little hump (thanks to Myrna for showing me how to do this!)

There you go, (8) 4 patch blocks. It only took me 15 minutes to make these. For the last swap we had 23 people. If we had the same amount you could make all your blocks within an hour.
This is a very accurate and fast way to make these blocks.
Thought? Yes, no, maybe so?

From Marion Stevenson
A funny article for your enjoyment!

Just for Fun!

I met up with Debbie Becker at an Agnes Irwin gathering that I was invited to with Elizabeth. Elizabeth shared with her how much her patients love the pillowcases we make for them. Elizabeth says they do get to keep them and she uses them to distract the child when examining them or doing a procedure. The adorable designs are great for storytelling and conversation starters. I will be delivering more at the Hershey Quilt Show. Please consider making at least one or two pillowcases. The kids at Hershey LOVE them !  Thank you :)