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Thursday, October 25, 2018

November 2018 Newsletter

President's Letter
Programs has a great line up for us this year. Thank you Rita Marie!

Ann Holte was a great speaker. It was quite interesting all the information that was found out from the diamond quilts. Knowing they were local families in Lancaster County, it’s great to know we are in an area rich with great quilt history. 

Jeannie Campbell is coming in November with her landscape quilting. We don’t want to miss out in that! 

My October’s challenge: I had not purchased any new fabrics this month. And I have created and finished quilts with my stash! I feel good knowing I’m working at my pile(s)!! 

November’s challenge: I’m going to do my best to continue to not purchase more fabric...this has been very difficult! But I do have 5 memory t-shirt quilts that I need completed by Christmas! Wish me luck! 

See you soon!
Helen Hoffbauer

Programs - Rita Marie Smith and Denise Blake

November 12:  Jeannie Campbell's presentation will be Creating a Landscape Pattern When You Don't Know How to Draw.  She is going to show us how to take a simple landscape photo and turn it into our own personal quilt art.  She has been sewing for 45 years but quilting became her passion in 1989.  Her quilts have won ribbons in many local shows.  She has taught at local quilt shops.  Her interests include landscapes, bargello, applique and longarm quilting.  Jeannie will nothave items for sale.

December 10:  Christmas Holiday Party (Members only please)  Who doesn't love to play bingo ?  We will be playing the quilt version....Quilto and there will be prizes !  We'll also have our annual holiday block exchange.  Make and bring a 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" unfinished holiday theme block of your choice.  Please wrap it or put it in a gift bag. There will be a designated table to put your wrapped block on. You may make as many blocks as you wish. For each one you bring, you will receive one.  Yummy refreshments and show and tell of course.  

January 14:  Penn Oaks Guild member Robin McMillen is our speaker.  Robin's topic - History of Visual Arts and How to Draw Inspiration From Your Favorite Artists and Reflect That in Your Quilt.  

February 11:   Ann Tumolo of the Calico Cutters Guild.   Ann will have a trunk show A Parade of Quilts for us.  I have asked Ann to bring some wall hangings she made and painted faces on.  In addition, she is going to demonstrate thread painting.  She has taken many classes from Joyce Hughes.  I am hoping to have 2 other demos by Penn Oaks Guild members.  Perhaps paper piecing and applique.  Volunteers needed !     

March  Annual Challenge.   Dana has information and directions posted below.  

Pillowcase Challenge:   Kits will be available at the November, December and January meetings to take home, sew, wash (in the in free and clear variety of laundry detergent please) and returned in the plastic bag provided.  You may use your own novelty 100% cotton fabric or a flannel novelty fabric if you'd like.  If you need directions, they can be found online at Ryan's Case for Smiles or on you tube as the hot dog pillowcase.  If you are looking for a tutorial on how to make a pillowcase using the hot dog method you will find it here  http://pinkadotquilts.blogspot.com/2018/06/

Membership - Pat Sherman

Membership information:
I am sorry I missed some birthdays, So birthdays for September were
     Rikki Newlander
     Maureen Carlson
     Martha Hopkins

Birthdays for October:
     Denise Blake
     Kathy Joyce
     Elizabeth Young
     Rob Liodi
     Elaine Egan

November birthday
     Jamie Loncaric

At our October meeting we had 31 members. Two new members joined, Welcome to Sarah Reindel and Elizabeth Young. We also had 2 visitors.

I apologize for the membership list not being formatted correctly. Your new membership person, Patricia Sherman

Winter is coming! Guild Meeting Cancellations:  The Board will be communicating via e-mail by 4:00PM.  Please remember to check your emails.

Hospitality - Angel
Snack list for the November Penn Oaks meeting is: D. Smyrl, S. Stiverson, L. Telson, P. Toghill, C. Vognetz*, E. Young, J. Zubert, D. Blake, S. Borr*.  A star after your name indicates you should bring a beverage for the group in lieu of a snack. Don't forget to switch your responsibility with a friend if you can't attend the meeting so we don't run short!

Challenge - Dana O'Connor
Choose an artist from the following list and create a quilt (no more than 150 inches in perimeter) either representing a piece by that painter or design something in the style of that painter. Bring to the March meeting unlabeled or with the label covered in a brown paper bag. Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Rembrandt Michelangelo, Paul Klee, Georgia O'Keeffe, Van Gogh, Monet Salvador Dali, Da Vinci, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Matisse, Degas, Rubens, Norman Rockwell, Andrew Wyeth, Jamie Wyeth or Maxfield Parrish.

Quilt Show Update

Great news from the Quilt Show Committee -- we have 13 of the 14 vendor spots under contract or with solid verbal commitment.  Great Job Suzanne Stiverson and Maureen Carlson, you girls know how to hustle!

We held a meeting on October 4th at my house with many in attendance.  We wanted to share just a few items.  
  1. Thank you to Dana O'Conner for heading up the registration table.  Dana is also our Volunteer Coordinator so she will compile the signups as we get  closer to the show.  
  2. We approved a change to the Acorn Shoppe policy.  It was decided that we will sell fabric bundles left over from the sale we just had in September from the donations from Suzanne Stiverson and Betsy Moses's Family.  That is a change in policy.  Email Helen Hofbauer or Denise Blake if you have additional questions on the Acorn Shoppe.  
  3. We want to see close to 100% participation on the Auction mini-quilts.  Make a 16 by 24 in portrait mini quilt for the raffle.  This is a big money maker and it is fun.  A show highlight is pulling the tickets. I won my Dad's quilt at the last show - how wild is that?  Jean Zubert and Eileen Mincarelli will be collecting at the meetings.  
One last thing -- I am all about inspiration -- I am using the upcoming show to challenge myself to get a special quilt done in time to display it.  I ordered a new pattern - The Gypsy Wife Quilt from Jen Kingwell.  I would love to have that hang in the show so I am going to use the show deadline as motivation for even spending just 30 minutes in my sewing room moving a little closer to completion.  I hope our quilt show inspires you to reach and complete a project you will be proud to show and share.  

That is all for now -- reach out to Ellen McMillen or myself for more information.
-Robin M

Robin McMillen

It's always nice to support our local guilds, be sure to put this on your calendar!
Local Quilt Show
Homemaker's Country Quilt Show
Aprtil 5th and 6th, 2019
10:00 to 4:00
Penn State Extension Buiding
1015 Bridge Road
Collegeville PA  19426

Fee $7.00

Quilt Show Baskets
I am planning the baskets for our Quilt Show.  My thoughts are to make about 10 baskets with each along a specific theme. While we can donate fabric, books and quilting supplies maybe some members would like to donate money or small items that we could add as accents.  If anyone has any ideas for themes or would like to put together a team to create a basket please let me know. My email address is ellenlance55@gmail.com . Some thoughts: Wine, coffee/tea, gardening, pets, beach vacation, game night, family movie night, self-care, etc.
Ellen Lance

2019 Getaway UpdateAt the October meeting 25 members signed up for the Getaway, leaving three available spaces. For our new members the Getaway will be held at the Amish View Inn & Suites at 3125 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-in-Hand from February 20th to 24th. You may reserve for one or more nights. The room rates (including tax) for a single/double room will be $102.12 per night for Wednesday/Thursday nights, and $150.96 per  night for Friday/Saturday nights. A deposit of $100.00 per room will hold your reservation. The double queen rooms have free Wi-Fi, a microwave and a refrigerator. A fantastic complimentary full hot breakfast buffet with made to order eggs, pancakes and waffles is served daily in the Lobby Great Room. Coffee and tea is available all day in the lobby. To learn more about the Amish View Inn visit their web site www.amishviewinn.com. There will be an individual fee of approximately $20.00 to cover the shared cost of the sewing room and a Saturday night meal if we elect to have one. If you would like a reservation form please email Ellen and she will email it to you. Contact Ellen or Pat with any questions.

Reminder - the final payment is due at the December meeting. Ellen will let you know the amount of the room balance due prior to the meeting.

Ellen McMillen (ejmcmillen@verizon.net) and Pat Sherman (patspatch@comcast.net) 2019 Getaway Co-Chairs

A Quick and Easy Quilt

I am sure that many of us have started our holiday sewing. This quilt would make an adorable quilt, table runner or even a charity quilt. You can find the tutorial at Lolly Quiltz and it's super easy! Think how easy it would be to personalize this......sometimes you can find names in the selvages or sayings that might work. It could be in Christmas prints, all red for Valentine's Day or a cool blue thinking-of-summer quilt. This is a foundation pieced technique and a fun way for a beginner to stick their toe in the water. Give it a try!

This just happened to come across my computer as well and is very similar.....

By now we have all heard of the October 2018 devastation in Florida from the Category 5 Hurricane Michael.  This storm was the 3rd most intense to hit the U.S. since statistics have been kept!!  Rescuers are still trying to dig out from under the rubble and over 40 people are still missing. The survivors are in dire need of basics like food, shelter and clothing and money is what will help provide those things. Monetary donations are very needed to help the region.  Pick your favorite charity and give if you can.  There are many reputable charities like the Red Cross or Directrelief.com but give elsewhere if you have a preference.  
In the quilt world, we have often responded to tragedies by making quilts for those affected.  I am aware of people sometimes trying to help in ways that are counterproductive.  In this case, when the dust settles and people begin to rebuild, it will be lovely to have homemade quilts on hand to give out.  It is this thinking which has Sharon and her Alabama church has taking on a quilt drive.  In 2011, Sharon's family survived a horrible Alabama tornado.  She knows first hand what it's like to experience nature's devastation.  The quilts won't go out for months, as people in the area are still in triage.  However, we can all help get things started for when the time is right for a warm, lovely and therapeutic quilt distribution. 
 The Alabama church is asking for 10.5" unfinished string quilt blocks in any colors you wish.  Multicolored blocks are fine of course.  Quilters on the other end will sew the blocks into quilts, but if you wish to donate an entire quilt or top, they will gladly take that as well.  If you're like me, you have lots of string scraps lying around.  These go together quickly, are relaxing and make an easy way for helping others.  There are lots of string block tutorials online and this craftsy one is good, even if it's a different size block.  Whatever tutorial you use, keep in mind to trim your block to 10.5".  I like to cut up old worn out bed sheets into pieces 1/2" larger than the final size needed.  In other words, cut your old sheets into 11" squares.  I recommend well-starching the foundation squares at this point.  Then start adding your strips one by one and when all done, iron the block well and trim to 10.5".  Beware, these string blocks are addictive, but all the better to help others.

Send your 10.5" string blocks to:

UMW Quilting Group, Hurricane Quilt Drive, Aldersgate United Methodist Church,  6610 Vaughn Road,  Montgomery, Alabama 36116

I've made several blocks already and plan to keep going until I see the bottom of my scrap string box.  We shall see how that goes because they do seem to multiply rather than diminish.

Newsletter Articles
As always members are invited to send items to be included in the newsletter. Please send them to Kelly Meanix at kellymx@aol.com Items are due no later than the 24th of the month. The newsletter is published on the 25th. Please send them in an email and not as an attachment.

Quilt Happenings
Lebanon Quilters Guild
12th Annual
Exhibition of Quilts
November 9th & 10th, 2018
10am- 4pm
Lebanon Expo Center & Fairgrounds
80 Rocherty Road
Lebanon, PA
Click here for more details
Fall in Love with Quilts
MLQ 2018 Quilt Show and Christmas Boutique
Saturday, November 17, 2018
10 AM – 4 PM
Donation $5
Click here for more details
The Lancaster Quilt Show @ The Continental Inn*
March 27-30th, 2019

*DoubleTree Resort
2400 Willow Street
Lancaster, PA 17602
Watch for more info at www.lancasterquiltweek.com
Homemaker's Country Quilt Show
Aprtil 5th and 6th, 2019
10:00 to 4:00
Penn State Extension Buiding
1015 Bridge Road
Collegeville PA  19426
Fee $7.00