****Meetings are held the second Monday of the month from September through June at 7:00 PM at the Mennonite Church in Frazer****

Monday, September 29, 2014

October 2014 Newsletter


Dear Guild Members,

Much as I complained about the end of summer, and, well, I haven't really stopped complaining yet, autumn isn't that bad so far. I am getting the orange and brown and associated complimentary colors out of my stash and taking that more saturated fall-winter color change in my sewing room. That was a bit of a fib. I'm keeping some low volume out because I like them, but the seasonal colors are taking the lead.

Speaking of seasonal colors, please help spread the word and sign up for our seasonal colors and inspiring plant life activity at Longwood Gardens! Haven't heard about it yet?  Keep reading the newsletter. I don't want to be the one to spill the beans. It will be more fun than a barrel of monkeys. It is a different kind of activity for the group and I hope everyone can come out for it. Huge special thanks to our own Longwood Gardens tour guide, Christine Harkins, for offering to host this great activity.

I want to welcome everyone back to this Guild year. Usually it takes a couple months for most of us to wander back from the shore, the pool, the garden, get the kids settled in school, but not this year! We were all back at once. Not to mention that everyone is back and renewed their memberships (thank you for not making me keep reminding you about admin details), but the getaway is full! Ellen was busier than a one-armed paper hanger at the the September meeting completing memberships and booking everyone into the getaway. Getaway is now on waitlist. Sign up now if you want any vacated spots. 

I will continue to nag. Please work on your 18x18 raffle quilts. Please work on your challenge quilts. No time like the present. The holiday meeting is coming so don't forget the exchange blocks. Keep them on your radar because these events will be here before you know it.

Now for my big nag and I won't stop until we complete this task. We need someone to volunteer to take over the show in 2017. Yes. 2017. Two years from 2015. Sounds like a long time from now, but time flies when you are having fun and it will be upon us before we know it. Our wonderful Suzanne Stiverson has chaired the show for the fourth time now. Our ever dedicated Robin McMillen has stepped up to help her. We will feel much better voting in June about the continuation of the show if we have a succession plan. Suzanne has things down to a process so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Please think about volunteering for this important task. Co-chairs, even tri-chairs are fine. 

Please come out to the October meeting and keep the momentum we started in September. The programs committee has a great speaker - Theresa Fusco. 
See you then!

Leslie O'Brien


Suzanne Doonan and Betsy Moses

Our October speaker is Art Quilter Teresa Fusco. Check out what she's up to these days at http://myquiltplace.com/profile/TeresaFusco.  She will be bringing many quilts, so many that she asked for the elevator for assistance in bringing them in and quilt racks to display them.  Think of the colors that will be on display in that neutral setting.

Thinking ahead to November; we have a trip planned to Longwood Gardens on Sunday, Nov. 9.  (Flyer attached.)  Our own Chris Harkins will be our tour guide.  Thanks to all who helped plan the date.  We can enjoy a snack in the cafe following the tour.  Tour Sign-up will be at our Oct 13 meeting.

If you need more tour info: email christinecharkins@gmail.com.

If you would like to sign up, but won't be at the October meeting: email suzannedoonan@verizon.net


Building on the inspirational momentum that speaker B.J. Titus presented at the September
meeting, the Programs Committee and Chris Harkins are sponsoring a field trip 
to Longwood Gardens.
Our trip will include a guided tour of the conservatory with emphasis on the Chrysanthemum 
Festival. This festival lasts only a short time but it is stunning!
Tour guides, including Chris, will discuss the ancient Asian techniques of cultivating 
chrysanthemums into artful shapes as well as modern topiaries. Did you know that there are
13 classes of Chrysanthemums?
The mums you will see are not available in local garden centers.
Some are grown just for the annual festival and some are part of the Longwood collection of 
rare and unusual plants. You will see and learn about the 1000 Bloom Plant…one plant with 
over 1,000 flowers! Overall, the Chrysanthemum Festival is fall at its best!
Be prepared to get Inspired!

The details of our trip
Date: Sunday, November 9, 2014
Time: We will meet at the Longwood Visitor Center at 12:45 p.m.
Tour: Tour will be about 45 minutes to an hour
Cost: Longwood Gardens Members – admission fee; tour an additional $5.00
Non-members – for a group of 15 or more
$21.00 adult, $19.00 age 62+ (price includes tour) 
Non-members – for a group of less than 15
$ 23.00 adult, $21.00 age 62+ (price includes tour) 
Just to let you know, Chris does not get any monies from your tour price.
(If our group is more than 15, we will have more than one tour guide.)
Sign-ups with payment to Penn Oaks will be at the October meeting.
If you have any questions, email or call Chris Harkins. christinecharkins@gmail.com

Membership: Ellen McMillen/Rita Marie Smith
We had a strong turn-out at the first meeting of the 2014-15 guild year. Forty-two members and three guests attended the meeting. We are 51 members strong. Chris Harkins was the door prize winner.

October Birthdays
Denise Blake                        1-October
Marsha Paczok                    8-October
Chris Harkins                     12-October
Rob Lodi                             13-October
Susan Longenecker           19-October
Elaine Egan                         26-October
Pat Gallagher                        ?
Many happy birthday wishes ladies!

HOSPITALITY: Angel Henderson
Snack list for the October Penn Oaks guild meeting is: D.Cory, C. Davis, K. DeCarli, R. DeCarli*,S. Doonan, E.Dusinberre, E. Egan*, J. Fox.  A star after your name means you bring a beverage for the group instead of a snack.  If you cannot attend the meeting, please switch your responsibility with a friend and let me know.  

The silent auction will be in December  so if you are cleaning out your sewing room and/or stash and have extra fabric, books, magazines, patterns, supplies, ufos, etc. that you no longer want and someone else  could use, please bring them.
Thank you,   Maryann

This month's fabric is batiks. Please bring (23) 10" squares in a ziplock type bag with you name on the inside. I will have your first set of swap blocks, they are all great! Next month's blocks will be "light prints". We never have enough lights, people tend to gravitate towards medium prints. So pay attention when you shop and make sure it is a light print!
Kelly----questions?    kellymx@aol.com

Quilt Show 2015
 We have six vendors signed up.  Timberline Patchwork; The Quilt Block; Pottstown Sewing (3 spaces); Jackie’s Woolens, Happy Valley Quilting plus Donna’s Quits and Prims (name change).  This totals 8 of the 12 spaces..  Robin and I will be calling other vendors to confirm or not.

Diana Smyrl is getting lists organized for the program advertisements, along with Pat Sherman preparing to send out requests for door prizes.  Suzanne Doonan is making sure we have all advertising/marketing avenues covered.  If you have suggestions, particularly long-armers who might want to advertise in our program or provide door prizes (the latter is listed in the program and on-line), please contact the appropriate Chair.

Pat Smith that she is working to develop a list of ideas for making items for the Acorn Shoppe.  Pat’s daughter is also collecting vintage sewing related items to sell just like last year.  We were excited to hear that because we all loved that special touch last time.  Suzanne Doonan will make sure we advertise that we have a judge who has judged at Hershey.  Helen did a great job of getting two new judges.

Website is being updated with newest information on the Quilt Show.  Maureen will be putting the Vendor and door prize list up soon.  Ellen will provide the whole quilt entry form and rules on the website..

Robin McMillen is getting her food handler’s license and will lead the food committee.  She is looking into prices and possible vendors.  Keep the ideas coming.

Jean Fox needs ten containers/large baskets for raffles.  Make sure you contact her to make sure she doesn’t have enough.

We need strong guys for Show Set up day—Thursday April 30 in the A.M.  Please start talking to your family to chip in.  It is too hard for most of us to move the heavy tables.


Next Meeting will be in February 2015 at a deli or restaurant on a Friday.  Date, place and time to follow.

Quilt Committee Leaders Filled:  Now we need you to sign up for committees in January.

Quilt Show Co-Chairs:                                    Suzanne Stiverson & Robin McMillen
Floor Plans/Set- up/Tear Down                 Bob DeCarli
Acorn Shoppe:                                                  Pat Smith and Helen Hofbauer
Props:                                                                   Pat Smith
Small Quilts Raffle:                                           Kelly Meanix
Door Prizes (letters--email):                        Pat Sherman
Raffle baskets/Door prizes:                         Jean Fox
Basket Delivery                                                 Marsha Paczok
Lancaster Area Vendors:                               Pat Sherman  Distribution of flyers
Vendor letters:                                                 Suzanne Stiverson
Vendor on-site chair:                                     Robin McMillen
Registration/Admission:                               Denise Blake
Quilt Judging/forms                                        Ellen McMillen
Quilt Check in/out chairs:                             Jean Zubert & Cindy Vognetz
Ads for Programs:                                            Diana Smyrl
Program Brochures:                                        Rita Smith
Publicity/Flyers                                                 Suzanne Doonan
Quilt description/signs:                                 Myrna Paluba
Viewer’s Choice Ballots                                 Myrna Paluba
Signage inside and outside venue:           Elaine Egan
White Glove:                                                     Marti Campbell
Clean-up:                                                            Marti Campbell
Food Chair                                                          Robin McMillen
Food Handler                                                     Robin McMillen

Fall is here—shorter days and beautiful leaves.  Let’s get those quilts completed.
Suzanne Stiverson

Criteria for judging quilts

For those of you who are planning to enter quilts for judging (and I hope that will be many) you may wish to read one or both of the articles I found while searching out this topic. The authors include all, or nearly all, of the criteria the NQA judges use when viewing our quilts. You can find these articles from the following links:
I believe NQA once had this information on their site but I could not find it. If someone does find this information on their site please let me know.


It's back, the mystery box will be at the next meeting.  So be prepared to purchase your tickets when you arrive or during the meeting.
The cost of 1 ticket is $1.00 or 6 tickets for $5.00.  Remember the more tickets you enter the better your chances are of winning!!!

Looking forward in seeing you all,

2015 Challenge Project – Clichés

Size:  16” x 20” (Design can be vertical or horizontal.)


1.     Out of the mouths of babes
2.     All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go.
3.     Happy as a clam
4.     All that Jazz
5.     Taste of one’s own medicine
6.     Birds of a feather flock together
7.     You can’t judge a book by its cover
8.     Happy as a pig in mud
9.     Grinning from Ear to Ear
10. To bite off more than you can chew
11. Blast of the past
12. The blind leading the blind
13. Open up a can of worms
14. Pulling my leg
15. On Pins and Needles

For other thoughts and ideas, Google: ClichéSite.com or use a favorite cliché of your own.

When challenge is turned in print the cliché you chose on a piece of paper and attach it to the front of your challenge, but

Due Date:  March 9, 2015

Questions, contact:  Myrna Paluba or Fay Ann Grider

From Heart to Hand: African American Quilts from the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts
September 21, 2014-January 4, 2015
Montclair Art Museum
Montclair, NJ  07042

Quilts in the Mill
October 3-5, 2014
Courthouse Quilters Guild
Stockton, New Jersey

Airing of the Quilts
October 4, 2014
Endless Mountain Quiltworks
Tunkhannock, PA

The Wonder of Quilting-An Adventure Filled World
October 18-19, 2014
Brandywine Valley Quilters
Brookhaven, PA 

Valley Forge Quilt Show
October 24-25, 2014
Good Shepard Lutheran Church
King of Prussia, PA

International Quilt Festival-Houston
George R. Brown Convention Center
Houston, Texas

8th Annual Exhibition of Quilts
Lebanon Quilters Guild
November 21-23, 2014
Lebanon Expo Ctr and Fairgrounds
Lebanon, PA