****Meetings are held the second Monday of the month from September through June at 7:00 PM at the Mennonite Church in Frazer****

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

May 2014 Newsletter

President's Letter

Hi Quilters,

I am over my love of bright clear colors - I now have a new favorite.   - Low Volume Fabrics.
I am obsessed.  Kelly Meanix showed me some of her fabrics that she collected via an online fabric swap  Then I fell in love with a scrap quilt that Stephanie Braskey was working on at the getaway that included many low volume fabrics.  As I understand it Low volume fabrics are light fabrics with low contrast that may contain a second color.  The quilts made with low volume fabrics are soft and have an aged feel to them.  I drove out to Berkholders and went a little crazy.  Here is a picture of some of the fabrics I purchased. Not all of them are strictly low volume but I think they go together.  I am so excited to get started on a scrap quilt that features these fabrics.  I am planning on making the same quilt that Stephanie was working on.  It is a based on the Burgoyne Surrounded Block.  I have 4 quilt tops completed that now need quilting.  I want to complete at least 2 of those before I start on this quilt.  It gives me motivation to complete a few projects.  In the meantime - I will content myself with rearranging and touching this soft pile of new fabrics.  

Guild news, we will finish up the year with two great meetings and a workshop with BJ Titus.  I am really looking forward to that.  I also want to again, Thank Leslie O'Brien and all the other volunteers who are taking over leadership positions next year in the guild.  Kudos to the Nominating Committee Ellen McMillen, Suzanne Stiverson and Jean Zubert.  

See you all at the May Meeting.  
Happy Quilting 
Robin McMillen

The Programs Committee has two great meetings in store for you as we wrap up the year. Jackie Gauker, of Jackie's Woolens, will be with us in May to show us her wool work. She has lectured for us before and she is always a welcome face at the Guild. She will have product with her so be prepared to shop!

We have a full day event planned for the June meeting. BJ Titus will hold a fused applique workshop for us during the day and then present her lecture for us in the evening. BJ is a well known local quilter and has won many awards and is widely published. She is known for her bold shapes and colors. Look at her website for a glimpse of her work. www.bjtitus.com. ;

The workshop form will be available soon. I expect the price to be $40 for members and $45 for non-members. I will send it Kelly to distribute soon. I'm not sure which or how many of her patterns she will have available at the workshop.  I will let you know as soon as BJ and I work that out. She shows the hibiscus and pumpkin on her website so you could take a look to get some ideas. 

Leslie and Suzanne  

Dear Members,
     Cynthia and I would like to say Thank You for having us do our "show & tell".
We love showing you what new products are available to help you with your beautiful creations.
     Also, thank you for your continued support for without you we would not be able to say.....
See you around The Quilt Block!!
                                                      Happy Quilting,
                                                               Jan & Cynthia

MEMBERSHIP: Jean Fox/Ellen McMillenThirty -five members and six guests attended the April meeting. Marti Campbell was the door prize winner.
May and June are the membership renewal months for the 2014-15 guild year. The renewal form will be sent as an attachment in a separate email. It is easier to print it that way.
Please bring your membership forms and checks to the meeting.

May Birthdays

Rita Marie Smith         3-May
Elaine Mayer               14-May
Kate Hill                       18-May
Carolyn Davis             20-May
Stephanie Braskey    21-May
Debbie Hill                 28-May
Many best wishes to all!


Diana Smyrl, Marion Stevenson, Suzanne Stiverson, Cindy Vognetz, Denise Werkheiser, Jean Zubert* and Jan Zwizanski*. If a star is after your name please bring a beverage. If you cannot make the meeting please be sure to switch with some one.

2015 “For the Love of Quilting VIII” POQ Quilt Show

The Quilt Show Committee met 4/16. 

Highlights of the meeting follow:
We will be limiting raffle baskets to ten (10) so that we have more space.  We need
     a Raffle basket “deliverer” for after the show.
Entry form, vendor form and advertisement/door prize donation forms are ready.
We will need a food committee because we will not seek another caterer.  Need a licensed
    Food Handler and a Committee head.  Please let Robin McMillen or Suzanne Stiverson know
    if you have a license or would like to lead this committee.  Reasoning—we can make $$ off the food.
On set-up day April 30, workers and turn in their quilts early
We will start publicity at Hershey with flyers.
Entered quilts should not be discussed in the presence of judges during breaks nor at lunch.  Judges will have name tags.
Next meeting will be Sunday, June 9 at Robin McMillen’s home at 2pm.

Following are the Chairs and co-chairs for the Quilt show.  If you want to volunteer for an open position, please contact the co-chairs

Quilt Show Co-Chairs:                                    Suzanne Stiverson & Robin McMillen

Floor Plans/Set- up/Tear Down                 Bob DeCarli        

Acorn Shoppe:                                                  Pat Smith and Helen Hofbauer

Props:                                                                    Pat Smith

Small Quilts Raffle:                                           Kelly Meanix

Door Prizes (letters--email):                        Open

Raffle baskets/Door prizes:                         Jean Fox

Basket Delivery                                                 Open

Lancaster Area Vendors:                               Pat Sherman

Vendor letters:                                                 Suzanne Stiverson

Vendor on-site chair:                                     Robin McMillen

Registration/Admission:                               Denise Blake

Quilt Judging:                                                     Ellen McMillen

Quilt Check in/out chairs:                             Jean Zubert & Cindy Vognetz

Ads for Programs:                                            Open

Program Brochures:                                        Rita Smith

Publicity/Flyers                                                 Suzanne Doonan

Quilt description/signs:                                 Myrna Paluba

Viewer’s Choice Ballots                                 Myrna Paluba

Signage inside and outside venue:           Elaine Egan

White Glove:                                                     Marti Campbell

Clean-up:                                                            Marti Campbell

Food Chair                                                          Open

Food Handler                                                     Open

Executive Board Nominees
Following are the nominees for election at our May Guild Meeting for the 2014-15 POQ Executive
Board.  They were presented to membership at our April meeting by the nominating committee:  Jean Zubert, Ellen McMillen and Suzanne Stiverson.

*President         Leslie O’Brien
*Recording Secretary    Helen Hofbauer
610-273-7920 hhofbauer@comcast.net
*Corresponding Secretary           Rikki Newlander
610-692-4726 (h) RNewlander@verizon.net
*Programs          Suzanne Doonan
610-296-3495  suzannedoonan@verizon.net
Deputy: Betsy Moses
*Treasurer          Denise Blake
484-574-5604 dewpink@gmail.com
*Membership   Dena Corry
610-273-7285  dena91@comcast.net
2014-15 Committee Chairs
Following are the new Chairs for the POQ Committees

            Carolyn Davis

            Angel Henderson

Soldier Quilts
            Delores Holzwarth

Silent Auction
            Diana Smyrl

Patches of Love
            Allie Barchi

            Fay Ann Grider
            Myrna Paluba

Mystery Box
            Rita Marie Smith

Winter Getaway
            Kathy DeCarli
            Ellen McMillen
            Kelly Meanix

Mailing & Phoning non-computer access members
            Delores Holzwarth

Penn Oaks website
            Maureen Carlson

            Sara Borr

Quilt Show
            Robin McMillen
           Suzanne Stiverson

            Jean Fox

Coming In September------A Fabric Swap

Penn Oaks Fabric Swap starting in September! This is a great way to build up your stash with some new fabrics.

Members can sign up now through August. I will have a signup sheet at the next 2 meetings or you can email me over the summer. 

This is a 1 year commitment so please keep that in mind. The swap will run September 2014 through June 2015. If you are absent from a guild meeting you can mail them to me, drop them off at my house or I could pick them up from you.

Depending on the number of participants you are to cut out that many 10" squares from 1 fabric. For example if there are 15 people participating you would cut out (15) 10 inch squares from 1 fabric.

Stack them up and bring them to the guild meeting each month in a large ziplock bag with a paper or index card inside that has your name on it and give them to me. I will take them home and divide them up and bring them to the next meeting at which time you will bring the next set of blocks. You will go home with a nice new set of different fabrics! 

We will have a theme for each month, either a color or a pattern (I am open to suggestions). The only stipulation is that it is current fabric, not old stuff you are trying to get rid of. If you don't want it no one else does either! Depending on the amount of people who want to participate it may involve having to buy fabric. 

If this is something that has interest we can do some different sizes.....2 1/2" stips, charm squares, fat eighths, etc. down the road. If you have any questions email me  ..Kellymx@aol.com. Once we have a list I will email the participants with our choices for the entire year. The more that participate the more fabrics you will have for your stash!

Patches of Love - Rita Marie Smith

We are concluding our charity work for this year by making pillowcases for the pediatric unit at Penn State Hershey.  They are so easy to make....we are following the "hot dog"  pattern.   If you are not familiar with that method, just google "hot dog pillowcase" and there are directions and a video or see me at our May meeting for directions.  Pillowcases can be given to me only at the May and June guild meetings.    Thank you again for all the wonderful dresses, bibs and blankets for Africa and the pillowcases for PSH  this year as well as the gift of time out of your busy schedules.   

 The country where they are is Zambia and the name of the orphanage is Namwianga located near the town of Livingston.  

Mystery Box Reminder

Hello All,
     The Mystery Box will be back one more time at our May Meeting.   Remember to bring some fives or ones for purchasing tickets.
     Just to say all the PAST WINNERS bought 6 tickets for $5.00, so be sure to bring a five.  If not ones are good too.

                                                                                         Gotta play to win!!

Quilt Happenings

Show and Sale Penn Dry Goods Market
May 16 -17, 2014
Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Ctr., Pennsburg, PA
Trash to Treasure Event
June 14, 2014
Main Line Quilters
10am - 1pm
Tredyffrin Public Library.
Indoor/Outdoor Quilt Show
June 8, 2014
Pieced Together Quilting Guild and Red Mill Museum Red Downtown Clinton, NJ,
Vermont Quilt Festival
June 27-29, 2014
Champlain Valley Expo, Essex Junction, VT
Quilt Odyssey 2014
July 24-27, 2014
Hershey Lodge and Convention Center, Hershey
World Quilt Show New England XII
August 14-17, 2014
Radisson Center of NH, Manchester, NH
PA Row by Row Quilt Shop Hop
(63 shops)
July – September 2014
10th Annual Muncy Quilt Show
July 18, 2014
Muncy Historical Society
Muncy, PA  17756