****Meetings are held the second Monday of the month from September through June at 7:00 PM at the Mennonite Church in Frazer****

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

March 2014 Newsletter


Hi Quilters

I hope for everyone's sake the weather in March is significantly better then the weather in February.  Yikes - I am at the end of my rope.  I really want spring to get here.  I have a huge list of spring related to do items including cleaning out my sewing space.  Kelly and I thought an article in the newsletter about our sewing spaces would be of interest to the membership.  I am always interested to see the sewing spaces of accomplished quilters in the Quilt Magazines.  Their spaces always have vintage jars filled with buttons and custom tables made of maple, and organized shelves artfully displaying their fabric stash.  I am sure that that they have professional staging experts to make their studio look so organized and stylish -- My space, not so much.  

I have a sewing room in the basement.  It has a window so that is good.  It is freezing in the winter so that is not so good.  The walls and the carpeting are gray - not my favorite but I can live with it.  I feel very lucky to have a room to myself that I don't have to clean up.  Here is a nice picture of my pegboard

That is the organized part - now for the mess

Check out the giant TV, no HD for me.  

Here is the space where I keep all my Wrapping paper stuff.  

So - you can see that  I have some work to do this spring to clean it up a little and bring some order.  Now that I have shown mine how about you show yours.  Anyone interested in showing the guild pictures of your sewing space, contact Kelly.  It would be great to see where you all get creative.  

Happy Quilting
Robin McMillen


If it doesn't snow again, we will welcome Ellen Endslow from the Chester County Historical Society with her talk about the Chester County Quilt Documentation Project. She will have copies of the documentation book, "Layers, Unfolding the Stories of Chester County Quilts," with her for sale. It is a lovely collection of photos of the quilts recorded in the project. Please bring any old quilts for a special show and tell. This it will not replace the usual show and tell, it will be held as always.

We do need a projection screen for this meeting. Please email me at leslieobriensk8@comcast.net if you are an owner of a screen and are able bring it to meeting.

Looking ahead - the challenge is in April so keep working on your projects. Jan Brown from The Quilt Block will be here in April to do a shortened version of the "What's New" demonstration that was snowed out in February. We will be able to shop at this one. Jan will bring lots of goodies for us to buy. In addition to the regular show and tell we will hold a special show and tell of "vintage" challenge projects. If you are a long time member of the group, please bring old challenge projects so we can revisit challenges of the past. 

We will host Jackie Gauker, owner of Jackie's Woolens in May. B J Titus will be here in June to wrap up the season.  

Again, if you are interested in a workshop with BJ, possibly on a Saturday time, please email atleslieobriensk8@comcast.net. We will also talk about it this at the meeting. 


March Birthdays
Fay Ann Grider            6-March
Pat Sherman              10-March
Jan Zwizanski            15-March
Marti Campbell         26-March
May a touch of Spring brighten your day.

Snack list for the  March Penn Oaks guild meeting is: K. Meanix, E. Mincarelli, R. Newlander*, L. OBrien, M. Paczok, M. Paluba*. A star after your name means you bring a beverage instead of a snack .  Remember to switch with a friend If you can't attend the meeting.


The clock is ticking toward the Challenge - deadline is April meeting. I hope everyone is working on their "Please don't touch the quilts" piece (8.5 x 11" or 9 x 12"). I am still working on the voting categories. I have some prizes from the Houston quilt show.


Jean Fox and I are so pleased to be able to tell you that 40 dresses, 10 bibs and 50 receiving blankets have been made and will soon be on their way to the orphanage in Africa.  The kindness and generosity of our guild members participating in our charity projects is just outstanding.  I have received several more pillowcases for the pediatric unit at PS Hershey.  If anyone would like to continue making them, please do so.  I'll be glad to accept them up to our June meeting.   Thank you for all you do to support our community service projects. 


I will be collecting items for the Silent Auction in May at our next 2 meetings.

Something fun to check out!


At the March meeting the Mystery Box will be ready for you to take a chance on it.  Again, you never know what will be in it.  So, be sure to bring those dollar bills or a five dollar bills for six chances to win.

You have to play to win!!!!!


A HUGE thank you to Kathy and Ellen for another successful getaway. It was a blast! I love spending quality time with all of my quilting buddies.
Also, a HUGE thank you to everyone for the help and support in finishing my sis-in-laws quilt (she did like it-YAY!), and listening to my woes only to guide me in the right directions. You are all wonderful!
Denise Blake

I wanted to let Fay Ann know I am taking my job seriously. Max is in good hands but he just may need a make over...stay tuned.


December 20, 2013 to April, 27.2014

"Worked by Hand:  Hidden Labor and Historical Quilts", the National Museum of Women in the Arts,
1250 New York Ave.  Washington, DC 20005.  The display showcases thirty-five  18th. to 20th. Century quilts
from the Brooklyn Museum's renowned decorative arts collection.  See more: 

AQS Quilt Week
March 12-15, 2013
Lancaster County Convention Center
Lancaster, PA


Monday, February 3, 2014

February 2014 Newsletter

Hi Quilters

I am sure I am not alone when I say - I think I am going to drive up to Gobbler's Notch and take care of their Ground Hog Problem.  Really - 6 more weeks of winter, we'll see about that.  Man I am cold it is a good thing we are quilters - plenty of art to wrap up in.  I hope all of you are using this time stuck inside to complete some projects.  We have the challenge coming up in April.  I can't wait to see all the creative entries.  We also have the getaway at the end of the month.  I know for those of us that are going we can really use the time away.  I for one am looking forward to it. 

I have been working on my block of the week diary quilt that I mentioned in the last president's note.  I have 4 blocks done for January and I am finding it so fun.  I get to use all kinds of different materials and techniques that I don't typically use.  It also helps me get down in my sewing room when I am very busy. 

I hope all of you are keeping warm.  I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming meeting.  Jan and Cynthia will be presenting and I can't wait to see the new ideas they are going to share.  I better remember my wallet ;)

Happy Quilting
Robin McMillen

The Programs Committee has a set of 60 pens (useful when all the Guild members will be writing or voting) and 3 dry board eraser markers for Guild use. We also have extra small 2 1/2 x 3" cards (useful for votes or comments) and plain brown paper lunch size bags available. I you are running a Guild event, and need to use any of these supplies, please let the current Programs Chair know. 

February is "Sew, What's New?" month! Jan Brown and Cynthia West from the Quilt Block will present some of the latest and greatest in quilt gadgets, gizmos, and supplies. Come and learn what will make your quilting life easier and more fun this year.  Don't forget to bring your winter holiday exchange blocks that weren't signed. I'll bring the right kind of marking pen for everyone to sign them. 

Ellen Endslow from the Chester County Historical Society will be here in March to talk about the Chester County Quilt Documentation Project held several years ago. Copies the the documentation book, "Layers," will be available for purchase. Do you have any really old quilts to show us? If yes, please bring them for a special show and tell after Ellen's talk. They don't have to be from Chester County, just old. As usual, we will still have the regular show and tell.

April is the annual Penn Oaks Quilt Challenge with an added activity. How long have you been a member of Penn Oaks? Do you have any of your challenge quilt entries from years past? If yes, please bring them to share after the challenge. It will be fun to look back and see what challenged us years ago!

One more thing - I have outside interest in a BJ Titus workshop. Please email me, leslieobriensk8@comcast.net , and let me know if you are interested. I am thinking about a Saturday workshop this time. Does that make it easier for more to attend?

Please be ready to discuss a possible workshop with B J Titus. I have some interest from outside the Guild so I think we could come up with enough participation to fund a workshop. I am thinking about holding it on a Saturday this time. Let me know what you think!

Stay warm!
Leslie, Susan, and Suzanne


Snack list for the February Penn Oaks guild meeting is: A. Henderson, D. Hill,  H. Hofbauer*,D. Holzworth, M.Hopkins*, M.Kline, M.Lewis.  A star after your name means that you bring a drink for the group instead of a snack.  Remember to trade with a friend if you can't attend the meeting.  


There were 38 members in attendance at the January meeting. Myrna Paluba and Sara Borr were the winners of the door prizes.
February Birthdays

Robin McMillen            15-February
Angel Henderson         26-February
May hearts and flowers add a special touch to your sewing rooms.


The last opportunity we will have to contribute to Dresses for Africa will be at our February guild meeting.  Couldn't be easier to make....2 fat quarters and 2 yards of ribbon is all it takes.  What a thrill a little girl will get having a new dress or perhaps even her first dress !  Thank you to all the ladies who have participated and made such cute dresses thus far.   I have received a few more pillowcases for Penn State Hershey Pediatrics.  If you would like to make some, we can do so till May.  We are using the "hot dog" directions.  See me at our next meeting for information.     

From Debbie Becker

Horn sewing machine cabinet for sale. The sewing machine can be pushed down so that cabinet can be completely closed. Excellent condtion..Asking $400. Email me for pictures. It needs to be moved from the second floor.

From Suzanne Stiverson
I will be holding a beading class on Saturday, March 22 from 10 a.m.-12:30 a.m. at my home in Pottstown.  I think six should be the maximum.  I’ll provide the needles, beads and beading thread for the samples.  I’ll send out a list of what is needed to bring.  The class will be $15.  I need to get confirmations from those who have previously contacted.  If need be, I can be flexible on the date. 

From Marion Stevenson


December 20, 2013 to April, 27.2014

"Worked by Hand:  Hidden Labor and Historical Quilts", the National Museum of Women in the Arts,
1250 New York Ave.  Washington, DC 20005.  The display showcases thirty-five  18th. to 20th. Century quilts
from the Brooklyn Museum's renowned decorative arts collection.  See more: 

2014 Quilt Competition & Display
January 13-April 6, 2014
Peddler’s Village Gazebo
Lahaska, PA

AQS Quilt Week
March 12-15, 2013
Lancaster County Convention Center
Lancaster, PA