****Meetings are held the second Monday of the month from September through June at 7:00 PM at the Mennonite Church in Frazer****

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

February 2020 Newsletter

President's Letter

Greetings Guild Members!

What a great January meeting, thank you Denise Blake! If anyone has other ideas for us to create another meeting with the round robin demos, please feel free to contact Denise Blake and Jen Burke, our Programs team.
Our Charitable Meeting this month looks to be another fun, successful event! Elaine Mayer has done her research looking for local charities with a current need. Denise found a nice pattern for us to make. Please keep an eye out for the required items we need you to bring to the February meeting.
On the home front, I had taken Janellea Macbeth’s 7 Day Challenge to tidy up my sewing room for 15 minutes a day. The challenge is now over, and I don’t feel like a made a dent…so, I’m continuing to work on my sewing room. I mean, I see the piles of fabric I’ve pulled out of bags or boxes, ironed, folded, and organized, but there’s much more to go!! I can’t believe how many projects I’ve uncovered! I had either found awesome fabric or a great pattern that had inspired me to make…lost in the mess of my room.  So, as I found them, I put them in organizational bins, which I had purchased maybe a year ago for this purpose. I do feel I’ve accomplished something when I see them, which has me motivated to keep it up.
Until our next meeting! 😊

Helen Hofbauer

Programs - Denise Blake and Jen Burke

Greetings fellow quilters,

It's another busy meeting coming up February 10th.
Pay attention to this as it's VERY important.
The board has decided to to donate quilts of valor to a hospice that Jen Burke is affiliated with. On the 10th, we will be making quilt tops for this charity.
We will have a cutting station, ironing station, and a sewing station. We need volunteers to bring cutting materials, sewing machines, and iron/ironing boards. Some have already volunteered some of these:

Sewing Machines                                       Iron/Ironing Boards                                        Rotary cutters/rulers/mats
1. Robin McMillen                                      Jen Burke                                                      Denise Blake
2. Lynn Telson                                           Rita Marie Smith                                            Rikki Newlander
3. Denise Blake                                         Angela Brant                                                  Ellen McMillen
4.                                                                                                                                      Elizabeth Young
5.                                                                                                                                      Page Toghill

We need 2 more volunteers for sewing machines and iron/ironing boards. Please email me if you are going to volunteer.
Since we are going to be very busy and we want to create as much as possible, we will be starting the meeting at 5:30. Please feel free to bring dinner and join as as early as you can.
What we need from each person is washed and ironed 3 fat quarters: 1 red, 1 white, and 1 blue. You are more than welcome to bring more, but the minimum is 3 fat quarters. It's VERY important that they are washed and ironed.
We have a chosen a pattern (pics below) that we feel is relatively easy and flexible. The X's will be red and blue, and white will be used for the background. PLEASE DO NOT pre-cut and sew your fabric. We may be changing the size of the block and/or the pattern.
We're going to have a GREAT time!
Remember, it's February and the weather may not cooperate with us. Be sure to check your email for a cancellation if things don't look too hot outside. Email or call with questions.

March 9th is our challenge. Lynn Telson has the details.

Hospitality - Angel
Snack  list for the February guild meeting is: M. Caporale, M.Carlson, D. Daley*, C. Davis, K.DeCarli, R. DeCarli, E. Eagan*, F.A.Grider,A. Henderson. Bring a drink for the group if a star occurs after your name in lieu of a snack. Remember to switch your responsibility with a friend if you cannot attend. 

Membership-Kathy, Bob DeCarli and Marianne Caporale

We had 26 quilters at the January meeting: 23 members, 2 guests and one new member:  Kathy Timko. Welcome, Kathy! One guest came with a member and the other found us on our website. Also, thank you to Helen, Carolyn and Kelly for the very helpful demonstrations.

The following members are celebrating birthdays in February:
  • Brenda Calhoun
  • Angel Henderson
  • Ellen Lance
  • Robin McMillan

Ways and Means Update:

Penn Oaks Acorn Shoppe Vintage Sale
Fall 2020

Hi Guild

To keep funding the guild, Penn Oaks Ways and Means committee is planning a vintage sale for the Fall 2020, current plan is to hold the sale at the Church on a Saturday.  (Date to Follow)
Here is how you can help support you guild:
  1. While cleaning out your home and sewing room, collect items that we could sell.  Items are not limited to sewing and quilting.  This sale will have other items as well such as
    • Household goods, dishes, glasses, etc
    • vintage jewelry -- clean out your jewelry boxes and save the items for the guild.  
    • Bags and Purses
    • Books, games and puzzles
    • Be creative -- reach out to me if you have questions, when in doubt don't throw it out, save it for the sale.  
  2. If you hear of someone cleaning out and downsizing, please investigate and volunteer to take sewing and quilting materials.  Reach out to me and connect us so we can collect the stuff
  3. Think about consigning items.  Just like the Acorn Shoppe at the quilt show, you can make and consign items.  Guild would get 20% of the sale price.  Elaine Mayer and Marianne Caporale are running the consignments, please reach out to them with questions.  Consigned items in the past included, pin cushions, homemade greeting cards, aprons, purses, bags, unfinished blocks of the month, etc. 
  4. If you really cannot hold onto the items then bring them to the guild meeting.  There are volunteers for each of the upcoming meetings that will collect the items for the sale.  
  5. Here are some photos of some of the items already collected.  
-Robin McMillen, (610)836-1363 text or call with questions

Quilt Challenge - Lynn Telson

Quilt Challenge!!!!! It is coming up fast. I hope all of you have been working on your favorite farm animal project. 
Bring it to the March 9th meeting forward seeing what everyone has come up with. There will be awards and prizes. 
Any questions call me. Lynn 717-799-0638 or email at lynntelson@gmail.com

Book Shelf

I came across this recently. This looks like it might be a good book!

Sampler Sew Along - Kelly Meanix
I hope you all are excited about our new Sampler Sew Along! I sent out the helpful hints page a few weeks ago. If you have it, save it or print it out. If you need it email me and I will make sure you get them.
How did the January blocks go? Were you able to sew during the holiday break? I did not receive any questions so I am hoping they were easy!

We have some blocks to paper piece in February for our Sampler Sew Along. I hope you were able to make it to the demo in January. If not, I sent you some links that will be able to help. Once you learn how to do this, I promise you will like it especially for the accuracy.

As always, at any point if you have any problems contact me and I will be happy to help you out. Remember it is only 3 blocks a month, not hard I know you can do it!
The blocks go out on the 1st of the month, so February 1st , I will send out the next set of 3 blocks. If you do not receive them, be sure to let me know.

Kelly Meanix------- kellymx@aol.com-------  610-873-7211

Crafty Corner for Quilters

I know Christmas is just over but........you may want to start a craft for next year. These are the cutest thing ever! So detailed and made of felted wool and pretty embroidery. I don't think they are a quick craft so maybe you might want to get the pattern and gather supplies for next fall? You can find more information here mmmcrafts There is also a Santa and some other figures, go check it out!

Guild Challenge _- Lynn Telson

Theme: Your Favorite Farm Animal.

Item to make: No guidelines. You can make a quilt, wall hanging, pillow, stuffed animal, anything…..

Judging categories: Funniest, Best Use of Color, Most Original, Best Workmanship

Items are to be brought to the March meeting for judging.

Any questions? Call me. Lynn 717-799-0638

2020 Getaway
We'd like to encourage those members who are not attending the Getaway to visit the Amish View Inn and take a look around. The Inn is located at 3125 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-in-Hand. We'll be there from February 19th through the 23rd. The best days to visit are Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Do a little shopping, have a bite to eat and come say hello. We look forward to seeing you.
Ellen McMillen and Cindy Vognetz

Penn Oaks Shirts

We have Penn Oaks shirts for sale.  They are grey, short sleeved, $10.00 each.  If interested, please contact me.

Page Toghill

Corresponding Secretary 
I am the corresponding secretary for the coming guild year.  I am asking each guild member to help me fulfill the mission of the Corresponding Secretary position.  Part of the position responsibilities is what is called "sunshine".  Sunshine is where cards are sent to members of the guild that have been ill, hospitalized, have lost a loved one, or are struggling in some other way.  Since I don't talk with each and every guild member consistently, I will need you all to e-mail me if you know of someone who could use some Sunshine in their lives from Penn Oaks!

Thanking you in advance for your assistance this year with this endeavor.  

Maureen Carlson
484-880-1984 (Cell) or 610-696-7736 (home)

Newsletter Articles

As always members are invited to send items to be included in the newsletter. Please send them to Kelly Meanix at kellymx@aol.com Items are due no later than the 24th of the month. The newsletter is published on the 25th. Please send them in an email and not as an attachment.

Quilt Show Announcement
Hello Fellow Quilters, the York Quilters Guild asks if you would please publish the following information in your newsletter or otherwise pass it along to your membership.  Thank you.
Mary Moul on behalf of YQG.

York Quilters Guild, York, Pennsylvania, invites you to its Quilt Show — Celebration of Quilts 2020:  A Quilter’s Journey Then & Now — which will be held May 29 and 30, 2020, in the York College Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center, 899 S. Richland Ave., York, PA 17403.   Friday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  

This is an AQS judged show, and entries from non-Guild members are welcome.  Complete information, rules, and a registration form are available on the Show website:  www.celebrationofquilts.com.

In addition, The Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania, District IV, invites you to its Flower Show, which is  being held at the same time and location.  

There is one admission for both events—$10 adult, $5 age 12-17, free under age 12.  

The York College Grumbacher Center is a beautiful venue with lots of natural lighting, is handicapped accessible, and parking is adjacent to the Center.

The Show Chairman, Darlene Schardt, may be reached at dlschardt@yahoo.com or 717-741-3078, with questions or concerns.  See also the YQG website at www.yorkquiltersguild.com.

Ideas for the 2020 / New Year related to Suffrage:
As I spent much time on Amazon in December shopping away for both Christmas gifts and needed goods, I came across this link to an array of suffrage-related books.  As more of us do our shopping on Amazon, maybe one of these books will find it's way to your 2020 reading list:

Maureen Carlson

Quilt Happenings

The Lancaster Quilt Show at The DoubleTree
March 25-28, 2020
Willow Valley Resort
2400 Willow Street Pike
Lancaster, PA  17602
For more information, click here.
County Line Quilters presents “A Quilter’s Home”
March 28-29, 2020
St. Cyril of Jerusalem Social Hall
1410 Almshouse Road
Jamison, PA  18929
For more information, click here.
Colonial Quilters Guild Presents “QuiltFest 2020”
May 2 – 3, 2020
Charles Chrin Community Center
4100 Green Pond Road
Palmer Township, PA  18045
For more information, click here.
York Quilters’ Guild Presents “Celebration of Quilts”
May 29 – 30, 2020
Grumbacher Sports & Fitness Center (York College)
899 S. Richland Ave.
York, PA  17403
For more information, click here.
Diamond State Quilt Show
Ladybug Quilt Guild
July 30 – August 1,  2020
The Independence School
1300 Papermill Road
Newark, DE  19711
For more information, click here.