****Meetings are held the second Monday of the month from September through June at 7:00 PM at the Mennonite Church in Frazer****

Monday, December 23, 2019

January 2020 Newsletter

President's Letter
Happy Holidays Guild Members,

I’m excited for our January program. It’s a great way to share our knowledge with each other and I hope we have more of these moments. Give us some ideas or other techniques you’d be interested in seeing or sharing. I’d like to hear from you. 

We are coming to the end of the year. What a fast one we’ve had! It’s always a good time to reflect on what special events occurred this past year. Were they challenging, encouraging, or surprising? Has it made you stronger or given you a new outlook? Well, I hope it will inspire you on your 2020 projects. As for me, I’ve had plenty of of ups and downs this year. It’s been an incredible journey. In retrospect, I’ve seen nothing but love  through it all. I’m surrounded by my wonderful friends as a great support group. It warms my heart to know I have only to reach out and there is at least one who it’s there to share my good and bad times. It’s wonderful. And thank you. 

I want to wish everyone a peaceful and relaxing holiday season.

Bring on 2020!! 😁
Helen Hofbauer 


Programs - Denise Blake and Jen Burke
Greetings fellow quilters,
Hope you all had fun with QUILTO.
The block exchange was awesome. You all made such wonderful blocks!
The food was spectacular! Thank you all who made goodies. I know my tummy sure appreciated them :)
On to next year!

January 13, 2020
Happy New Year!
We will be doing a "Round Robin" of sorts. Rescheduled from last year.
Carolyn Davis will be demoing binding and facing your quilt to make it "show worthy".
Helen Hofbauer will be demoing how to make continuous bias binding.
Kelly Meanix will be demoing how to paper piece. (Hint: we may see some of this in our near future).

February 10, 2020
We will be working on charity quilts. 
Details at a later time.

March 9, 2020
Our annual challenge. Looking forward to seeing all of the down on the farm animals you make. What a fun challenge, Lynn Telson!
We may be having a silent auction or other type of sale that evening, as well. Details to follow.

I'm still "truing up" the rest of our guild year, so that's all I have for now.
Have a merry Christmas, happy Chanukah, and Happy New Year!

Denise Blake

Hospitality - Angel
Snack list for January 2020 guild meeting is: P. Toghill, C. Vognetz, E. Young, J.Zubert, D. Blake, S. Beyer*, J. Burke, B. Calhoun, M. Campbell*. If a star is after your name, bring a drink for the group instead of a snack and please switch your responsibility with a friend if you can't attend.

Membership - Kathy & Bob DeCarli and Marianne Caporale

January Birthdays:
Diana Smyrl

Sampler Sew Along - Kelly Meanix
I hope you all are excited about starting our new Sampler Sew Along! I sent out the helpful hints page a few weeks ago. If you have it, save it or print it out. If you need it email me and I will make sure you get them.

In January we will have our Round Robin and I will demonstrate how to paper piece. It is not hard! I think once many of you learn how to do it you will like it and use it! We will have some blocks to paper piece in February for our Sampler Sew Along.

The first blocks are on the easy side to get your feet wet. As always, at any point if you have any problems contact me and I will be happy to help you out. Remember it is only 3 blocks a month, not hard I know you can do it!

As soon as the newsletter goes out, I will send out the first 3 blocks. If you do not receive them, be sure to let me know.

Kelly Meanix------- kellymx@aol.com-------  610-873-7211

Miscellaneous Stuff!

Please note Rob Lodi's new address:
301 Sunset Ridge Way
Salem, SC. 29676
Same email and phone #


Penn Oaks Quilters embroidered shirts will be for sale at the January meeting. I can no longer hold on to this box so I am asking if there is anyone with a little room to keep the box of shirts otherwise I will donate to a reuse-it shop.
$10.00  each, quantities : S 9, M 4, L 5, XL 1, 2X 5
Patricia Sherman 717 517 0438

Thank you


Charity Committee
Elaine Mayer is looking for suggestions for the charitable donation project for January. I have received two thus far.



Kelly,  I would like to in have you insert the following in the newsletter.

The lovely Christmas card arrived and I was so happy to see it and the greetings from each of you. I wish I could have been there.  Know that even through you may not hear from me often,  I think of you especially on the nights I know a meeting is scheduled.  Merry Christmas to all and a very happy New Year filled with many joyful times.   Jean  Fox

Sad news from Quilt Odyssey
"It is with heavy hearts, we announce Quilt Odyssey will not be taking place this year. Due to health concerns we must cancel the show scheduled for July 23-25, 2020 in Hershey, PA. We apologize to our Quilt Odyssey family including our registrants, visitors, merchants, sponsors, teachers and staff. Quilt Odyssey has been part of our family for two decades and this decision didn’t come without many thoughtful hours of consideration for our entire community. We will miss seeing all of you this summer.
Because the rumors will fly ­ please note officially: We did not sell the company, nor did we partner or merge with any organization. We will still have future retreats and we will not rule out a future quilt show, but right now, a focus on health is necessary.
Our Quilt Odyssey facebook and website will still be here to announce any upcoming future events. Our email is still live and we will answer any message if you send them thru facebook or email as we are able.
We appreciate your love for all things Quilt Odyssey and wish you health and happiness this holiday season and into the new year.
With love,
The Molino Family"

Newsletter Articles

As always members are invited to send items to be included in the newsletter. Please send them to Kelly Meanix at kellymx@aol.com Items are due no later than the 24th of the month. The newsletter is published on the 25th. Please send them in an email and not as an attachment.

Guild Challenge _- Lynn Telson

Theme: Your Favorite Farm Animal.

Item to make: No guidelines. You can make a quilt, wall hanging, pillow, stuffed animal, anything…..

Judging categories: Funniest, Best Use of Color, Most Original, Best Workmanship

Items are to be brought to the March meeting for judging.

Any questions? Call me. Lynn 717-799-0638

Corresponding Secretary 
I am the corresponding secretary for the coming guild year.  I am asking each guild member to help me fulfill the mission of the Corresponding Secretary position.  Part of the position responsibilities is what is called "sunshine".  Sunshine is where cards are sent to members of the guild that have been ill, hospitalized, have lost a loved one, or are struggling in some other way.  Since I don't talk with each and every guild member consistently, I will need you all to e-mail me if you know of someone who could use some Sunshine in their lives from Penn Oaks!

Thanking you in advance for your assistance this year with this endeavor.  

Maureen Carlson
484-880-1984 (Cell) or 610-696-7736 (home)

Suffrage Movement
After the fun guild Christmas party with Quilto, I thought to look for specific suffrage-related quilt blocks thinking maybe "Economy" would be one of them. (You had to be there to get it regarding "Economy"...…..)     The name sure seems to relate to the late 19th and early 20th century - doesn't it???     Didn't find specific blocks -- I think they used mainly signature-type blocks that could be written on - but did find these two sites which you might also enjoy (and which may debunk my theory about suffrage quilt blocks.  :)  ) 

Many interesting posts related to various aspects of women's fight for the vote.


(For this blog, you need to scroll to the bottom of the 1st page and click on the dates -- there will be links to each block there.  This is very interesting as they also have suffrage-related information with each block.

Maureen Carlson

Quilt Happenings
The Lancaster Quilt Show at The DoubleTree
March 25-28, 2020
Willow Valley Resort
2400 Willow Street Pike
Lancaster, PA  17602
For more information, click here.

AQS Quilt Week Show - Lancaster-Downtown
March 25-28, 2020
Lancaster County Convention Center
25 South Queen Street
Lancaster, PA 17603
County Line Quilters presents “A Quilter’s Home”
March 28-29, 2020
St. Cyril of Jerusalem Social Hall
1410 Almshouse Road
Jamison, PA  18929
For more information, click here.
York Quilters’ Guild Presents “Celebration of Quilts”
May 29 – 30, 2020
Grumbacher Sports & Fitness Center (York College)
899 S. Richland Ave.
York, PA  17403
For more information, click here.
Diamond State Quilt Show
Ladybug Quilt Guild
July 30 – August 1, 2020