****Meetings are held the second Monday of the month from September through June at 7:00 PM at the Mennonite Church in Frazer****

Thursday, June 30, 2016

July 2016 Newsletter

Hello everyone!

Ah, summertime!  Are your days lazy and hazy or crazy?  In either case, I hope you're enjoying these days and finding at least a little time to sew.  I'm trying to finish up several UFOs that have been lurking in my sewing room and catch up on some BOMs.  I also want to get started on my mini quilt for the auction at the quilt show.  Don't forget, 16" by 24" and, best yet, the project is totally self serving!

Even though we will not meet in July, there is a lot going on behind the scenes.  Diana Smyrl is busy getting ready for the Auction at our August Bee. I hear there are lots of goodies to be had.  Carolyn and Jamie are still collecting membership renewals so be sure to get yours in if you haven't yet.  Robin has a great lineup of programs for the coming year and we also have our annual challenge to be thinking about. 

The Quilt Show Committee has realized there will be some added expenses incurred at the next show. Maybe the bee in August would be a good time for an informal discussion about the show, our goals, etc.  Please try to be there if you can to support both the Auction and the discussion. There is no business meeting so bring something to work on and a snack or dinner.

So, read the rest of the newsletter and then go sew something!  See you at the Bee!

Stephanie Braskey


Hello Everyone,

Old habits die hard, including responding to Kelly's newsletter request!

I want to thank everyone for a fun two years. The Board and Chairpersons have done a wonderful job and I thank them for their help. I thank everyone else too. We all do something to contribute to the group.

Please be sure to thank the Volunteers of the Year, Delores and Angel. Delores for all she has done over the years for the Guild and her huge contribution to the soldiers' quilts program. We wouldn't be able to have our hospitality break without Angel. She handles the kitchen well. Excellent job, both of you!

I didn't think you could top the cat blocks, but the friendship blocks are outstanding! I love them. I read all the messages and appreciate all of your comments. Great job! My turn now. Time to sew them together!

Thanks and have a great rest of the summer!



Rikki Newlander and Marti Campbell 
We are giving you almost a year to do the challenge for 2017. Because of the flexibility, we should have 100% participation. It gives you a chance to make something you have been meaning to make or want to make but just haven't gotten around to it.
> Portray any thing you love to do other than sewing or quilting. Any format; pillow, purse, pillow cases, baby blanket, place mats etc.
> Ideas such as bird watching, cooking, sports events, wine tasting, traveling, volunteering, reading,drawing, shopping, etc

Any size, up to a baby quilt size. We have to watch out for space at thePO Quilt show, so an apron because you love to cook can go on a mannequin.
A tote for gardening, shopping, the farmers market will fit nicely.
If you love to volunteer at the senior center, something(s) that you make for them.
Pillowcases because you love to watch your grandchildren. 
Placemats with lobsters, wine, cheese because that's what you love to eat.
A sun hat
A blanket for your pet

Possibilities are endless.
> Categories for awards could be:
> Most original portrayal
> Most fun hobby
> Challenge that no one could guess whose it is

We are planning another small quilt raffle at the quilt show in May. For our new members, in lieu of a large raffle quilt every member is encouraged to make a small quilt. Attendees of the show can buy tickets and take a chance on any quilt(s) that catches their fancy. This has been a great fund raiser for us and we hope for it to continue with your beautiful creations.

Size 16" x 24" (16" across and 24" down) like this:

My small quilt in progress for the auction

Any subject matter your little heart desires! We have had a great variety in the past which helps as not everyone is in love with flowers etc. Think sewing, kitchen decor, holidays.....

Please use good quality quilt shop fabric and do your best work

The only exception is no cheater cloths

All quilts must be quilted and finished.

You can start your quilts and hand them in at any time, you can even make more than 1! Summer is a great time to start getting your ideas together before the holiday sewing begins.

Please do not hesitate to send me an email or call me if you have any questions.
Kelly Meanix    Kellymx@aol.com


I am hoping for more news in the August newsletter. Anyone can send anything they want, just send it to me! kellymx@aol.com