****Meetings are held the second Monday of the month from September through June at 7:00 PM at the Mennonite Church in Frazer****

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

August 2012 Newsletter

********The Bee is on the Monday the 13th of August at 5:30. We hope to see many of you there.******** 

Programs 2012 - 2013  Christine Harkings

This year we are planning to get you ready and your quilts ready for out Quilt Show with some very inspirational and instructive speakers.

September - Jacquelynne Steves, Fabric Design: From My Studio to Your Favorite Quilt Shop.

We will start the new Guild year with Jacquelynne Steves, fabric, pattern designer and author.
Sharing inspiration and creativity for fabric design and patterns, she is sure to inspire you. Her new Christmas fabric line will be out just in time for us to preview.
Visit her website at www.thenoblewife.com

October - Carol Blevins - Lets Talk Edge Finishes

A favorite of Penn Oaks Quilt Guild will return. Carol Blevins will be back with her vast knowledge and experience. Carol is going to inspire us to think out of the box when it comes to quilt edges. Using many quilts as examples, Carol will share tips and clues as to what those judges want when it comes to edges. Carol is a font of information, so bring your note pad.

November - Frank Clemens - Color, Color, Color

Stuck on Color? Intimidated by the new bold fabrics out there?
Frank Clemens comes with high recommendations to encourage you to get over your fear of color.
His program promises to be exciting and dare we say colorful!!!

December - Christmas/Holiday Party

Celebrate the season with the Guild!
We will continue the tradition with the 12 block exchange as well as have some new activities and treats.

January - TBA

February - The Quilt Block - Ruler Mania Part II

March - Lisa Calle - Divide and Conquer

Long arm machine quilter extrordinaire will show us how to approach the quilting design process in a whole new way. She will also talk on how to block your quilt tip for your long arm machine quilter and how to block your quilt top. This promises to be a great lecture from a great quilter!

April - Bob DeCarli - Weaving Patterns to Quilts and the Penn Oaks Challenge

Bob's first book "Shadow Log Cabins" is due out this fall and he is already in the planning stages for a second book. As always Bob's ideas will be unique and creative as he show us how to take weaving patterns and translate them into quilts!

May and June TBA

2013 Penn Oaks Challenge - Kelly Meanix and Suzanne Simmons

This year's challenge is called "Where I Live". This is open to broad interpretation.......you can be in a birdhouse, it can be a beach house you have always wanted, a tree house, a mansion, a castle etc....use your imagination anything goes.

We will be handing out a fabric you must use in the quilt. There will be limited quantities so think about if you want to participate and sign up at the September meeting.

The size of the quilt is 24 x 24 and is due at the April meeting. It must be quilted and finished, any techniques can be used. These will also be hung at our Quilt Show in May.

Questions? contact Kelly at Kellymx@aol.com, 610-873-7211 or Suzanne at SVSimmons@comcast.net 61-873-3401.

QUILT SHOW—Not too early to start stitching…….SUZANNE STIVERSON

Remember our next quilt show is Friday and Saturday, May 3-4, 2013. 

We have our first vendor—Pottstown Sewing.  They are committed to three spaces.  I’m waiting on the check.  Helen will be re-contacting last year’s vendors by phone in August and send out requests to those who haven’t vended before in September.  Selena will start contacting possible donors for our door prizes.

We will again have a workshop—probably this fall or early next year, where we cut “GO” shapes with heat ’n’ bond backing to sell  at the Acorn Shoppe.  We need 6” strips of fabric, ideally, but will take seasonal, themed, batik or bright fabrics to make the shapes in any amounts.  Please provide to Marti Campbell this month or at the Bee.  For Acorn Shoppe for details, check with Sara Borr..  We also will be collecting rick rack, lace, buttons, trims, etc. to make packets to sell at the shop.  As you do your summer quilt room cleaning, remember to collect your gently used or new (great intentions) patterns for Sara.  They sold very well last time.  If you know you’ll never make it, the guild will get the return.

Also if you would like to donate a  theme basket (Kitchen, Coffee/tea, chocolate, etc.) for our basket raffle, please let Jean Fox know.  Jean also needs larger baskets to fill. Please let Jean know if you do and you coordinate at a meeting for delivery.  If you have gently used tools, more current gently used books or extra fat quarters, she could use them, too.  She could also use yardage of recent fabrics (not 1980’s or 90’s); fat quarters and any other cloth items like charm packs.

Kelly Meanix will be chairing a small quilt raffle where each member will be asked to make a 16” x 24” (finished) quilt that we will raffle at the show.  She gave information at our June  meeting so please contact her for more information or clarification.  Of course 100% participation would be terrific! 
Also, registration for helpers will start at our January 2013 meeting.  Each chair will pass a sheet or we will have one sheet with all positions to pass for you to mark the times on the day(s) you can work.  As the rules say “POQ members not working at the Quilt Show and Non-POQ members will pay Quilt Show entry of $8 even if their quilts are displayed.”

A quilt show takes everyone in the guild to be successful.  Your contributions help fund our charitable giving and programs.  We need your time as much as we need your items.

Committee Members
Show Chair                                                                        Suzanne Stiverson          
                2015 chairs + Asst                                             Selena McFalls and Helen Hofbauer
Acorn Shoppe                                                                    Sara Borr
Clean-up                                                                             Marti Campbell
Door Prize (letters, etc)                                                      Suzanne Stiverson & Helen Hofbauer
Floor Design & Set-up                                                       Bob DeCarli
Judges’ and Quilt forms                                                     Ellen McMillen
  Quilt Acceptance/Sign-in/return   (on-site)                      Jean Zubert and Cindy Vognetz   
  Scribes (for judges comments)                                         Ellen McMillen
Lancaster Shops                                                                 Pat Sherman
Program Brochure                                                              Carolyn Davis and Rita Smith
            Shadow                                                                  Denise Blake
Props                                                                                   Pat Smith
Publicity                                                                             Leslie O’Brien
Quilt Show Signage (hung quilts)                                      Myrna Paluba
Raffle Baskets                                                                    Jean Fox
Raffle/Auction mini quilts                                                  Kelly Meanix
Registration and Admissions                                              Mary Morello
Show Signage                                                                     Elaine Egan
Vendor                                                                                Suzanne and Selena McFalls
Website                                                                               Maureen Carlson
White Glove                                                                       Marti Campbell

It’s not that far away…..


PennOaks dues are due now , so if you have not done so.  $35.00 for the year..what a bargain!

Caporale, Marianne Marianne@thecaporales.us
Mayer, Elaine  elainemayer@gmail.com
Rommel, Tamara tamararommel@verizon.net


Hey everyone, I'm in charge of the silent auction this year, so if you have anything you would like to donate please bring it to the September meeting. You can also e-mail me (dewpink@gmail.com) to make arrangements for a drop off of stuff. So, sort through your goodies (that you no longer want) and bring them for the silent auction. I hope we get some good stuff! Thanks.

Denise Blake

From Pat Smith

Jo Morton will be at the Old Country Store in Intercourse August 30th  from 6-9.  All of her quilts will be on display then and there will be special events as well. They will also be showcasing lots of her fabrics.


Marti Campbell is looking for 6" squares to make our pre-fused applique cut outs for the quilt show. We sold these at the last show and they were a hit and a good money maker. If you have any questions contact Marti at artsygal01@aol.com.

QUILT SHOWS and some other interesting things

Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XIX in Oaks PA
September 13 - 16
For more information go to Quilt Fest

Quilt show—A Spot of Teal is being held September 28 & 29 in Williamstown, NJ. The show is held to raise awareness and funds to help women fight ovarian cancer. For more information, or to arrange quilt drop off contact Quilt Show Organizer Laura at ASpotofTeal@gmail.com or 856-629-4412. Website iswww.aspotofteal.org

Quilts in the Mill: The Courthouse Quilters
October 5-7, 2012 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Prallsville Mills, Rt 29, Stockton, NJ

Stitched Through Time: A Legacy of Quilt - Part 1 (Concludes October 28, 2012)
Gloucester County Historical Society Museum
58 N. Broad St
Woodbury, NJ 08096

Some interesting stuff from Quilter's Newsletter.
Endowment Established
The Heritage Center of Lancaster County , Pennsylvania, in partnership with the Lancaster County Community Foundation, has established an endowment for the perpetual care - including preservation, curatorial care, exhibition, study and storage - of the Lancaster Wuilt & textile Museum collections. http://www.quiltandtextilemuseum.com/.
Map App
MapMuse has released its 2013 Quilting Maps, aseries of free web maps and review platforms for places of interest to quilters.  Included are topics  such as fabric stores, quilt stores, quilting guilds and quilting events.  MapMuse also released its 2012 data updates to its Quilt Shop Locator apps for the iPhone, Ipad and ipod Touch.  www.mapmuse.com/knittingandquilting.com
13th Biennial Symposium textiles & Politics
The Textile Society of America's 13th Biennial Symposium is September 19-22 in Washington, D.C.  It will include more than 200 presentations on all aspects of textiles, including juried papers, films, artist demonstrations, behind-the-scenes access to textile collections at D.c.-area museums, hands-on workshops and networing.  http://www.textilesociety.org/.
World Quilt Show-New England XVI
August 16-19
Raduson Center of New Hampshire
Manchester, New Hampshire
Back Stitch: A 25-Year Retrospective
of Advances & Milestones in Quiltmaking
Through October 14
New England Quilt Museum
Lowell, Massachusetts


AUGUST - Kathy DeCarli, Esther Dusinberre, Jane Russell, Suzanne Stiverson and Jean Zubert.

Happy Birthday to all!

We will be making small 16" x 24" quilt to raffle off at our quilt show next year. Just think, no taking a large raffle quilt to places to try and sell tickets, no sign ups for white gloving at the quilt shows!
I am telling you about this now because it gives you an entire year to make a quilt. We would love to get 100% participation in this project!

 Make anything your little heart desires....some themes could include, children, kitchen, flowers, patriotic, modern, landscape, geometrics, beach, winter, country, Christmas, any holiday,abstracts etc. Use any technique you want, pieced, applique or anything you can think of, just make sure it is quilted, hand or machine, and put a 4" sleeve on the back or you can use the triangle method. Make this your best work, please no cheater fabrics! The quilt that sells the most tickets will win a prize. I promise to come up with something really good!


All quilts will be hung at the show. Each quilt will have it's own coffee can with a picture of the quilt on it. We will sell tickets and the buyer will put the tickets in the can of any quilt they would like to win. The winning tickets will be pulled at the end of the show on Saturday. If you have any questions please call me at 610-873-7211 or email me at kellymx@aol.com

A quilt show takes everyone in the guild to be successful. Your contributions help fund our charitable giving and programs.

For those who signed out on a kit ..... please complete the quilt over the summer and return it to me (Rita Marie Smith) in September.  I have to get them back so they can be sent on to a sick child in the hospital.  If you would like to make a quilt from your own stash or donate good quality cotton fabric that is also welcomed.  Quilts are given to patients up to 21 years of age.   Thank you to everyone who participates in this charity project.        

As the new historian I am looking for any early Penn Oaks memorabilia you may have. A number of years ago our early history was thrown away and I would like to collect as much as possible. If you have any membership lists, photos, announcements early quilt show info etc. I would appreciate it.
Sara Borr


*PRESIDENT--Robin McMillen 610-873-2950 robin_mcmillen@yahoo.com

*RECORDING SECRETAY--Pat Sherman 717-517-8018 patspatch@comcast.net

*CORRESPONDING SECRETARY--Riki Newlander 610-692-4726

*PROGRAMS--Chris Harkins,  Alternative: Leslie O'Brien 610-269-5465 leslieobrien8@comcast.net

*TREASURER--Ellen McMillen 610-363-5956

*MEMBERSHIP--Pat Smith 610-321-0631

*Denotes Executive Board

PUBLICITY--Leslie O'Brien 610-269-5464 leslieobrien8@comcast.net

HOSPITALITY--Angel Henderson

SOLDIER QUILTS-- muriel1948@comcast.net

SILENT AUCTION--Denise Blake 610-524-6515


CHALLENGE--Kelly Meanix 610-873-7211 kellymx@aol.com and Suzanne Simmons 610-873-3401 svsimmons@comcast.net

MYSTERY BOX--Stephanie Braskey 610-970-2513 dbraskey@aol.com


WINTER GET AWAY--Kathy and Bob Decarli 610-269-1113

NEWSLETTER--Kelly Meanix 610-873-7211

Delores Holwarth 610-269-3308 holzwarth@aol.com

PENN OAKS WEBSITE--Maureen Carlson

HISTORIAN--Sara Borr 610-269-1155 sbeyerborr713@msn.com

QUILT SHOW--Suzanne Stiverson 610-323-2949

PARLIAMENTARIAN--Jean Fox 610-436-9121

Please email any pictures, articles or information for the newsletter to Kellymx@aol.com.
I would love to have some pictures in here, it will make it more interesting. Send pictures from Show and Tell or any other quilt/guild related pictures.

August President's Note

August Newsletter President's Note:
Hi Quilters,

I hope everyone is having a great summer quilting.  I was lucky enough to attend the Hershey Quilt Show on the 27th and I saw many of you there.  I was surprised by all the embellishments that were on the quilts.  It seems that Jewels are surging again in popularity.  I appreciated the method that Sherry Reynolds used on her red, white and blue "America, Let it Shine Quilt".  She accented her quilting with a jewel on the tip (See Photo).  I do however think that jeweling can be overdone, I don't really want my quilts to look like a showgirl costume.  They are also incredibly expensive. 

That quilt was Beautiful from the front and the back.  That was another trend, the backs of many of the quilts were as spectacular as the front.  My Mom, Kathy DeCarli was a White Glover and she flipped over many of the quilts to show me the back.  They were amazing, I typically choose a very busy back to hide flaws, but these backs were plain to show the excellent quilting.  The Quilt Below was made by Karen Kay Buckley and I forgot to write down the quilter.  (Sorry for the quality of the photo, I had the wrong setting on my camera)


I think attending quilt shows is so important because it is inspiring and refreshing.  I appreciate the fortitude and stamina required to complete such works of art.  It is really a perfect marriage of creative talent and single minded focus that can produce such fabulous quilts.  It kind of reminds me of the Olympic athletes.  To get to the Olympics as in completing a "Best of Show" worthy quilt, an individual must have talent, ability and supernatural drive to go the distance. 

I am looking forward to the Bee on the Monday the 13th of August, doors open at 5:30.  I hope to see many of you there. 
Robin McMillen