****Meetings are held the second Monday of the month from September through June at 7:00 PM at the Mennonite Church in Frazer****

Sunday, August 31, 2014

September 2014 Newsletter


Hello Guild Members,

As the leaves on the trees start to turn, the shadows get longer and the sun shines in your windows from a little bit different angle, and Giant has Halloween candy on display (Yes! grrrr....Giant has the Halloween candy out and it is still August. I just saw it at Wegman's this afternoon too), we know that fall and the next Penn Oaks Quilt Guild year is upon us. I shouldn't complain. We quilters have been eyeing and being inspired by the fall and holiday fabrics for months now. I guess the candy just rubs it in that summer is going to be winter with a wish for next summer soon. 

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable and productive summer. Well, enjoyable anyway. We still have time to get our quilts ready for the show in May. We have a great workshop planned together with a great speaker to kick things off in September. I know Suzanne Doonan has more great speakers and programs on the way for us. Just a housekeeping note - Please be sure you have renewed your memberships.

Remember your show raffle quilts. Yes, I am such a nag. Just trying to help Kelly and Suzanne. Quilt show plans are in full swing and everyone looks forward to a spectacular "For the Love of Quilts" this spring. Start to spread the word and invite friends to save the date.

It will be May before we know it with the show, my niece's wedding, and Alyn's college graduation. Yikes! Too much too soon. Too much to absorb. That's why we quilt. To relax (it has been proven in actual scientific studies - you can look it up on the web and on facebook), enjoy life, escape from life, and document life. We are fortunate to enjoy such a wonderful art that benefits us in so many ways. 

And I am going to nag again - support your local quilt shops. I've been sadly watching Ramona's posts counting down the days. I know a lot of us like to shop on the internet, and there are reasons some of us do. We also need to support our local shops for teaching new quilters, advice and collaboration,  learning about the latest and greatest gadget, buying fabric and supplies we need today or maybe a year from now, provide a sense of community, and keep our cash in the local economy. Local small businesses provide a value beyond the online discount. Buy local, please!

See you in September! Have a great Labor Day weekend.
Leslie O'Brien

Suzanne Doonan and Betsy Moses

Get ready for a fabulous presentation by local art quilter, B.J. Titus.  Check out these beautiful quilts posted on Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=bj%20titus ; We'll kick off a creative year of quilting!

For those of you who will be joining us at the workshop, we will meet from 11 am to 5 pm. at the church.

Membership: Ellen McMillen/Rita Marie Smith
Welcome to the 2014-2015 POQ Membership year. Approximately 20 percent of our guild members have not renewed their membership. I hope you all will return for the new year. Penn Oaks needs you! Please renew your membership at the September meeting so we can get out a new directory as soon as possible. The membership form will be sent as an attachment in a separate email. Thank you!
September Birthdays
Nancy Rubinelli            5-September
Debbie Becker              6-Sepember
Rikki Newlander           7-September
Suzanne Simmons        9-September
Maureen Carlson        13-September
Martha Hopkins          20-September
Lee Paylor                   23-September
Many happy birthday wishes to you all!             

Angel Henderson

Snack list for the September Penn Oaks guild meeting is: A.Barchi, D.Becker, D.Blake*, C.Block. S.Borr, S. Braskey, J.Brown*, Joanne Brown, M.Campbell, M.Carlson.  A star after your name means you bring a beverage for the group instead of a snack.  If you cannot attend please switch with a friend and let me know.

Kelly Meanix 

Please remember this month to bring your fabric for the swap. Our theme is fabric with "written words or text" on it. Bring (23) 10" squares in a large zip lock bag. Be sure to include your name inside on a piece of paper or index card. Bring them to the membership table in the back.
The theme for October is batiks. 

Quilt Show 2015

We have six vendors signed up.  Timberline Patchwork; The Quilt Block; Pottstown Sewing (3 spaces); Jackie’s Woolens, Happy Valley Quilting plus Quiltiques and Primitives (new) have signed up for spaces.   This totals 8 of the 12 spaces.  I’ve sent out letters to other possible vendors in mid-July with October 1 deadline.  I had previously (in May) sent letters to our previous vendors.  Robin and I will be calling other vendors to confirm or not.

Diana Smyrl is getting lists organized for the program advertisements, along with Pat Sherman preparing to send out requests for door prizes.  Suzanne Doonan is making sure we have all advertising/marketing avenues covered.  If you have suggestions, particularly long-armers who might want to advertise in our program or provide door prizes (the latter is listed in the program and on-line), please contact the appropriate Chair.

Website is being updated with newest information on the Quilt Show.  Maureen will be putting the Vendor and door prize list up soon.  Ellen will provide the whole quilt entry form and rules on the website..

Robin McMillen is getting her food handler’s license and will lead the food committee.  We will need commitment tending the food area if we go this way.  We have tried to get a caterer who will self-fund and supply everything and take the profit (with some cut for the Guild).  No luck so far concerning the latter.

Cindy Vognetz and Jean Zubert are re-looking at receiving and returning quilts process.

Next Meeting is still on a Sunday—Sunday, September 21 at 1:30 pm at Suzanne Stiverson’s home.  Email will be sent to update you and give directions.

DONATE AT LEAST ONE MINI-QUILT TO RAFFLE because this was a major fund raiser at our show.

Quilt Committee Leaders Filled:  Now we need you to sign up for committees in January.

Quilt Show Co-Chairs:                                    Suzanne Stiverson & Robin McMillen
Floor Plans/Set- up/Tear Down                 Bob DeCarli
Acorn Shoppe:                                                  Pat Smith and Helen Hofbauer
Props:                                                                   Pat Smith
Small Quilts Raffle:                                           Kelly Meanix
Door Prizes (letters--email):                        Pat Sherman
Raffle baskets/Door prizes:                         Jean Fox
Basket Delivery                                                 Marsha Paczok
Lancaster Area Vendors:                               Pat Sherman  Distribution of flyers
Vendor letters:                                                 Suzanne Stiverson
Vendor on-site chair:                                     Robin McMillen
Registration/Admission:                               Denise Blake
Quilt Judging/forms                                        Ellen McMillen
Quilt Check in/out chairs:                             Jean Zubert & Cindy Vognetz
Ads for Programs:                                            Diana Smyrl
Program Brochures:                                        Rita Smith
Publicity/Flyers                                                 Suzanne Doonan
Quilt description/signs:                                 Myrna Paluba
Viewer’s Choice Ballots                                 Myrna Paluba
Signage inside and outside venue:           Elaine Egan
White Glove:                                                     Marti Campbell
Clean-up:                                                            Marti Campbell
Food Chair                                                          Robin McMillen
Food Handler                                                     Robin McMillen

Fall is just around the corner—shorter days and beautiful leaves.  Let’s get those quilts completed.
Suzanne Stiverson

Hello Quilters,

Kathy and I are excited about the new location for the  Getaway. It will be held at the Amish View Inn,  3125 Old Philadelphia Pike (Rt. 340), Bird-in-Hand. Take a look at their websitewww.AmishViewInn.com to see the lovely queen bed rooms (with microwave and refrigerator), and the info about the complimentary full hot breakfast buffet. The Lobby Great Room has complimentary coffee and tea available all day. The Inn even has a cappuccino machine. 

The Getaway dates are Wednesday, February 18 through Sunday, February 22. While the sewing room is about 1.5 times larger (and much nicer) than the one at Bird-in-Hand we are limiting the number of attendees to 28 to ensure that everyone has sufficient room. The Inn provides 3 ironing boards and irons for our use - no need to bring our own. There isn't a kitchen in the sewing room so we may dispense with the shared goodies we usually bring.  There is a microwave and small refrigerator in this room. 

The sewing room will be available from 1:00 pm Wednesday to 3:00 pm Sunday. The fee for this room is $318.00 which will be equally split among all the attendees. Until registration is complete we won't know the exact fee but it will likely range from $11 to $13 per person.

We'll be taking your reservations at the September meeting.  A deposit of $100 will hold your spot. Due to the terms of our contract the final date to register is December 15th and the balance of your room charges are due at that time. After the new year we'll collect the sewing room fee.  If you have any questions please call Kathy (610-269-1113) or Ellen (610-363-5956) or talk with us at Guild.  The Getaway is a time to share, laugh, shop and sew. Come join us!

Ellen McMillen and Kathy DeCarli

Write as Desired……by Chris Harkins

My August Quilt

I had some ideas and jotted them down
But the roses of summer outside abound.

I thought of pink thread, the color red,
But sparkling pool water called me instead.

I wanted to piece, I wanted to sew
But the sunshine of August would not let me go.

Bundles of fabric lay on the floor
But again, there I was, going out of the door.

Yellow squares stuck up on the wall
But time spent with Mom now mean more than that all.

Her memory fades,
Mine holds it all in. 
I’ll remember for both of us,
I’ll stitch it within.

Christine Harkins

I want to thank all my friends in the Guild for their cards and expressions of sympathy on the passing of my Mom.  It's not an easy thing losing a loved one and I sincerely appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  Cindy Vognetz

In Memory of Jerry Skahill there will be a charity walk on October 18th. Please click on the link for more information.


September 5-28, 2014
Gmeiner Art and Cultural Center
Wellsboro, PA

Quilts from the Heart of Berks
September 12-13, 2014
Berks Quilt Guild
Leesport Farmers Market

PA National Quilt Extravaganza
(Mancuso Show)
September 18-21, 2014
Oaks, PA 

From Heart to Hand: African American Quilts from the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts
September 21, 2014-January 4, 2015
Montclair Art Museum
Montclair, NJ  07042

Quilts in the Mill
October 3-5, 2014
Courthouse Quilters Guild
Stockton, New Jersey

The Wonder of Quilting-An Adventure Filled World
October 18-19, 2014
Brandywine Valley Quilters
Brookhaven, PA 

Valley Forge Quilt Show
October 24-25, 2014
Good Shepard Lutheran Church
King of Prussia, PA

8th Annual Exhibition of Quilts
Lebanon Quilters Guild
November 21-23, 2014
Lebanon Expo Ctr and Fairgrounds
Lebanon, PA