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Monday, June 18, 2012

Tip for 16X24 Quilt

Hi Quilters,

There have been many questions about the how to make the 16X24 quilt for the show when you don't have an exact pattern to work from.  I wanted to share a few techniques that I am going to use.  I have not made it yet but this is how I plan to proceed.  (I know many experienced quilters know this but in case you have not done this yourself yet....)
  1. I choose to design my quilt based on a Coffee Block pattern that I already have but... the pattern is for an 10in by 11in block.  So I took the pattern to the staples and enlarged the appliqués so they are larger.  I did this myself with the copier at staples, they will not do it for you because of copy writes.  You can type in any increase in % size to get what you need.
  2. I will piece the back ground with different squares and rectangles etc to get the size 16X24
  3. I will use wonder under to fuse the appliqués down and then either zig zag the appliqués down or just quilt it all in one piece.  
  4. Some rules to remember when putting together your own designs (These work for me)
    1. Choose at least 3 main appliqués for your design.  I am using the word "Coffee", a stack of cups and a curvy horizontal scroll appliqué. 
    2. Make sure there is enough contrast between your background fabrics and the appliqués so they stand out.  If there is not, I actually have put a dark shadow outline behind the appliqué to make sure it is visible.  
    3. I heard this once on an interior design show on HGTV, when placing pictures on a wall (appliques on a quilt) the eye always starts in the middle and makes an upside down "e" when traveling around a collage.  That ideas also helps with the placements of appliqués.
I hope this gives some of you a place to start.  This is a good opportunity to experiment and make something new.  Choose a theme you like then work from there.  I don't just use quilt patterns, sometimes I print out stuff from clip art, I copy from coloring books, I use interior design magazines.  I also tape pieces of paper together and make a sketch, tracing from a light box.   I hope this inspires some of you to get started.  Any questions email me at robin_mcmillen@yahoo.com. 

Look for more tips in the future from other guild members. 

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  1. Great tips Robin! I will put something together soon also.