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Monday, October 1, 2012

October 2012 Newsletter

Hi Quilters,

I feel that this is a season of sadness in many ways. Many guild members are struggling with either loss or illness. My daily prayer list is very long. It may be hard for many of you to put one foot in front of the other. Smiles are few and far between. At times like this I am so comforted to be a part of the larger community of quilters. It makes me feel that I am not alone. It comforts me to know that in the midst of hard times women have turned to quilting to express themselves. One only has to look at the depression era and Civil War quilts. They had much to be sad about and limited materials and still these women managed to create beauty in such circumstances. I'll admit, it is a challenge for me to go down to my sewing room. I feel a certain apathy as if what is the point of all this when life feels so random and out of control. But the beauty of quilting is that it gives your mind something to think about, it gives you rest. You can turn off all the thoughts that make you feel small and out of control. I have some bible versus that I use to comfort myself but I also love the British saying of "Keep Calm and Carry On" After all, what choice do we have.

I think we could also improve that saying a little.

"Keep Calm, Carry on and Bake a Casserole"

Many in the guild are working hard to lift up their fellow quilters. It is impressive. Car rides, prayers, and yes casseroles are the order of the day. It always helps me feel better when I do something kind for someone else.

To all of you who sent me emails about their charity quilts, Thank You. But, I know there are more of you out there so I am going to continue to survey the guild. Please send me your charity quilt information and I will include totals in the November newsletter.

Robin McMillen

Robin McMillen


Thank you from the bottom of my quilting heart for the awesome snacks at the first guild meeting of the year! Lets see if the next meeting is even better. 

October Snacks
 J.C.Brown, M. Campbell, M. Caporale, M. Carlson*, D. Corry, C. Davis, K. DeCarli, B. DeCarli*. Those with a star by their name will bring beverages for the group in lieu of a snack and don't forget to let me know who you switch with per chance you have to miss the meeting. When life gives you scraps, make quilts! Angel


October - Carol Blevins – Let’s Talk Edge Finishes

A favorite of the Penn Oaks Quilt Guild will return.
Carol Blevins will be back with her vast knowledge and experience. Carol is going to encourage us to think out of the box when it comes to quilt edges. Using many quilts as examples, Carol will share tips and clues as to what those judges want when it comes to edges. Carol is a font of information, so bring your notepad.

November - Frank Clemens – Color, Color, Color

Stuck on Color? Intimidated by the new bold fabrics out there?
Frank Clemens comes with high recommendations to encourage you to get over your fear of color.
His program promises to be exciting and dare we say colorful!!!

MEMBERSHIP: Pat Smith/Rob Lodi

Welcome to our new member, Jamie Lonaric of Morgantown. Returning members who have not yet renewed, please remember to bring you completed renewal to the meeting with your $35 or mail it to Pat or Rob.
October Birthdays
Denise Blake
Elaine Egan
Pat Gallagher
Chris Harkins
Helen Hofbauer
Rob Lodi
Marsha Paczok


QUILT SHOW—Not too early to start stitching—6 months to go!!!!!
Remember our next quilt show is Friday and Saturday, May 3-4, 2013.
We now have seven (7) vendors and ten (10) spaces out of twelve—Pottstown Sewing, Jackie’s Woolens, Timberline Patchwork, Handmaiden Designs, Happy Valley Quilting, Diane Phalen and J. Illiano Designs. In 2011, we offered 11 spaces and had 11 vendors. Maximum number of spaces is 12. Helen Hofbauer wrote to a whole list of other possible new vendors and has been following up. Selena also has started contacting possible donors for our door prizes and pulling in ads for our Show Brochure. We have acknowledgement from Sulky that they are sending a box of goodies in December and Frank A. Edmunds has sent support gloves and quilters hoop tape. We are definitely on our way.
For Acorn Shoppe details, check with Sara Borr.. We also will be collecting rick rack, lace, buttons, trims, etc. to make packets to sell at the shop. As you do your Fall quilt room cleaning, remember to collect your gently used or new (great intentions) patterns for Sara. They sold very well last time. If you know you’ll never make it, the guild will get the return. Also if you have some great ideas or want to host a small workshop to make that idea, please contact Sara.
Also if you would like to donate a theme basket (Kitchen, Coffee/tea, chocolate, etc.) for our basket raffle, please let Jean Fox know. Jean also needs larger baskets to fill. Please let Jean know if you do and you coordinate at a meeting for delivery. If you have gently used tools, new patterns, more current gently used books or extra fat quarters, she could use them, too. She could also use yardage of recent fabrics (not 1980’s or 90’s); fat quarters and any other cloth items like charm packs you know you won’t use.
Kelly Meanix is chairing a small quilt raffle where each member will be asked to make a 16” x 24” (finished) quilt that we will raffle at the show. She gave information at our June meeting so please contact her for more information or clarification. Of course 100% participation would be terrific!
Also, registration for helpers will start at our January 2013 meeting. Each chair will pass a sheet or we will have one sheet with all positions to pass for you to mark the times on the day(s) you can work. As the rules sayPOQ members not working at the Quilt Show and Non-POQ members will pay Quilt Show entry of $8 even if their quilts are displayed.”
A quilt show takes everyone in the guild to be successful. Your contributions help fund our charitable giving and programs. We need your time as much as we need your items.
Committee Members
Show Chair Suzanne Stiverson
2015 chairs + Asst Selena McFalls and Helen Hofbauer
Acorn Shoppe Sara Borr
Clean-up Marti Campbell
Door Prize (letters, etc) Suzanne Stiverson & Helen Hofbauer
Floor Design & Set-up Bob DeCarli
Judges’ and Quilt forms Ellen McMillen
Quilt Acceptance/Sign-in/return (on-site) Jean Zubert and Cindy Vognetz
Scribes (for judges’ comments) Ellen McMillen
Lancaster Shops Pat Sherman
Program Brochure Carolyn Davis and Rita Smith
Shadow Denise Blake
Props Pat Smith
Publicity Leslie O’Brien
Quilt Show Signage (hung quilts) Myrna Paluba
Raffle Baskets Jean Fox
Raffle/Auction mini quilts Kelly Meanix
Registration and Admissions Mary Morello
Show Signage Elaine Egan
Vendor Suzanne and Selena McFalls
Website Maureen Carlson
White Glove Marti Campbell
Goodness, Gotta finish my small quilt!!!!!

2013 Penn Oaks Challenge - Kelly Meanix and Suzanne Simmons

This year's challenge is called "Where I Live". This is open to broad interpretation.......you can be in a birdhouse, it can be a beach house you have always wanted, a tree house, a mansion, a castle etc....use your imagination anything goes.

We will be handing out a fabric you must use in the quilt. There will be limited quantities that we will have at the October meeting. Don't wait!

The size of the quilt is 24 x 24 and is due at the April meeting. It must be quilted and finished, any techniques can be used. These will also be hung at our Quilt Show in May.

Questions? contact Kelly at Kellymx@aol.com, 610-873-7211 or Suzanne at SVSimmons@comcast.net 610-873-3401

Just a reminder that there will be silent auction at the October meeting.


The Getaway is not the far away. Click HERE to print out the form. For more information Contact Kathy DiCarli or Ellen McMillen.


Please remember we are looking for each member to make a 16 x 24 inch quilt to be used to raffle off at our quilt show this coming spring. We will not be making our traditional bed size raffle quilt so this is something we need everyone to contribute with in order to fund our programs.
If you would like more information please go HERE and scroll down to read all about making a quilt. You can also call Kelly at 610-873-7211 or email kellymx@aol.com.

2012 Fall Fabric Frenzy
November 2-5
10 shops to visit, daily prizes and Grand Prizes.
Shop Hop Passports are available now for the purchase price of $5.00.
Visit The Quilt Block, inc @ 95 E. Welsh Pool Rd, Exton, PA for more info and
your passport.
Get your friends together and enjoy the day or weekend visiting all the shops.


Quilts in the Mill: The Courthouse Quilters
October 5-7, 2012 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Prallsville Mills, Rt 29, Stockton, NJ

Stitched Through Time: A Legacy of Quilt - Part 1 (Concludes October 28, 2012)
Gloucester County Historical Society Museum
58 N. Broad St
Woodbury, NJ 08096


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