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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

November 2013 Newsletter


Hi Quilters,
Is it me or are the holiday commercials starting way too early.  Petsmart had Santa commercials on last week.  Ridiculous!  That said, it is getting to be that time of year again so time to start planning.  I have been looking back on previous holiday seasons and to be honest the business and lists and demands are really destroying the season for me.  Does anyone have any advice about how to reduce the workload of the holidays.  It is challenging because I do not want to disappoint anyone.  I was going to challenge myself to complete a Christmas Quilt to hang in my foyer which would require a quilt roughly 64in by 64in.  I informed my husband of this challenge and he looked at me like I was crazy.  He carefully said "Isn'tour house Christmasy enough?"  He is right.  There I go again, adding and artificially inflating my to do list.  Where is the balance?  Just because I can create something does it mean I have too?  MMMMMM something to think about. 
If anyone has some advice or tips for reducing holiday stress please let me know. 
I hope everyone is quilting and creating but not freaking out trying to get something complete.  That is my wish for you all and myself. 
Now I need to go make the blocks for the Round Robin because they are due at the next meeting ;)
Happy Quilting. 

Robin McMillen

PROGRAMS....Leslie O'Brien

This month we will welcome Kimberly Knipe from the Chester County Hospital Outreach Program. Our favorite activity is rather sedentary so Kim will remind us about how to stay healthy. Please note - this talk may or may not involve some light (and I mean light - no need to dress for a yoga class) exercises so wear something you can move in, just in case.  There it is - your excuse to dress down for a Guild meeting!  We will be inspired to watch our diets as the holidays approach and we are tempted to try all those traditional foods and desserts. Speaking of the holidays, have you started your 12 1/2 X 12 1/2" block for the exchange? More details about the December meeting will follow!

MEMBERSHIP: Jean Fox/Ellen McMillenWe had a good turn out for the October meeting. Forty-one members were in attendance but we did not have any guests. Rob Lodi was the winner of the membership door prize.
November Birthdays 

Allie Barchi            8-November
Dena Corry            13-November
Jamie Loncaric       28-November
May your birthdays be filled with quilting delights.

HOSPITALITY   Angel Henderson

Snack list for the November guild meeting is: S. Doonan*, E. Dusinberre*, E. Egan, J. Fox, P. Gallagher, D.Giroux, F. Grider, C. Harkins.  Those with a * after their name should bring a beverage for the group rather than a snack.  If you can't make the meeting please trade with a friend and let me know who will be bringing the snack in your absence.  Angel

SILENT AUCTION   Maryann Lewis

November's meeting will have our Fall Silent Auction. 
There are many exciting things to bid on-----books, magazines, supplies, fabric, etc.   Put your bid on a post-it with your initials,---anyone can up the bid if they choose.  When the time is up, whoever has the highest bid gets to purchase the item.  

REQUEST From Marion Stevenson

Please contact me if you create labels for the quilt back and let me know the cost.  Thanks.  Marian Stevenson

CHALLENGE 2014     Carolyn Davis and Jamie Lonaric

We will be making small quilts to say please don't touch the quilts. You may say 
it any way you wish, as long as the message is clear.  Please keep the size no 
larger than 9 x 12 inches.  Shoot for 8.5 by 11 - regular paper sign size. We 
will decide whether and how we will label them after the challenge. I'm thinking 
about using an embroidered ribbon that says Do Not Touch the Quilts Challenge 
2014 and leaving space for you to sign the ribbon. But, then again, maybe we 
don't need that, except that we have displayed challenge quilts at the show in 
the past. I apologize if this seems like a work-in-progress.

Carolyn and Jamie

Just a friendly reminder that there will be a Mystery Box this month.  So remember to bring those extra dollars to purchase your chance to win ____ oh that's right it's a mystery.  You never know what's in the box.  Jan

PATCHES OF LOVE  Rita Marie Smith

Patches of Love - Rita Marie Smith    For those of you who were unable to attend last month's guild meeting, Jean Fox and I will be explaining about our charity project for this year at our November meeting.  We are making little dresses for an orphanage in Africa.  They are for little ones up to size 4T and will be hand delivered in March.  The dresses are very easy to make. I can provide directions or you can google pillowcase dresses or dresses for Africa for directions.  We only have until our February meeting to make as many as possible.  The little boys could use pull on shorts if you would like to make them.  For the remainder of the guild year, we will continue to make pillowcases for the Hershey pediatric unit.   E-mail me if you have any questions.  Thank you for your continued support of our charity projects. 
Fall Fabric Frenzy Shop Hop
The Quilt Block is one of the participants.
Lebanon Quilter's Expo
November 22 - 24

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