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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Paper Pieced Book Block

This is the Book Block for our May paper pieced blocks. I wanted to show you how I made the books. It is not hard but it does take some measuring.

Here are the 4 "books" I chose. First make sure the fabric word you want to use fits the space. Some of the books are wider than the others.

This one was easy. I just made sure that it would fit in the space width wise. Next I added the top and bottom of the book. As always with paper piecing it is over sized and trimmed down.

You do the ones going vertical the same way. First sew the top and bottom pieces to your word.

Bottom section.

Next add the sides. Again OVERSIZE! It will save you lots of grief. If needed pin or use the glue stick to hold in place. Sew as usual for paper piecing. You can go to this POST to get a refresher on paper piecing if needed.
Have fun! Let's see what books are in your library.

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