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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

August 2013 Newsletter

Hi Quilters,

Phew, I sure have been enjoying this break from the heat.  That was some long heat wave.  I think I really was suffering from heat rage (not pretty).  I have been working on a few projects including a string quilt.  If any of you have made string quilts or any scrap quilts you know what a mess that can make of your sewing room.  It looks like my stash exploded.  Miranda is also making a scrap project, a giant stuffed elephant made of my old scraps.  She informed me that my string quilt is not truly a scrap quilt because I am being selective in my choices and I am cutting up huge pieces into little strips.  I guess when you are 15 you can be a purist ;)

I also made the most adorable doll.  And that brings me to a cool idea.  I would like to include in my president's note a "Look What I made" feature.  I am going to solicit pictures of small projects (Pin cushions, dolls, small quilts, whatever) you personally made to include in the blog. These should be projects you can make in a small amount of time.  You will get an email request from me.  I will work through the guild directory.   The feature would look like this.

"Look What I Made"
I made this adorable Raggedy Ann doll from A Homespun from the Heart Pattern "Raggedy Ann and Ell" Pattern. 

I purchased the pattern at the Country Store in Intercourse.  They were selling the dolls made by the Artist (Cindy Markovcy) for quite a bit (Lots of Work) but she was also selling her patterns so you could make one.  I am going to make some more with Halloween Fabric.   I learned a few new techniques such as dry brush painting her legs with stripes.  The directions were clear and helpful.  It was fun to complete a project in a few hours. 
I will bring her to the Bee on the 12th. The doors open at 5:30. Bring a project and your dinner. I hope to see you all there.  It will be fun to catch up with you.  I hope you are having a good summer.  Happy Quilting. 

Robin McMillen

Penn Oaks 2013-2014 Round Robin
Instead of doing the traditional “Block of the Month” this year, Penn Oaks Quilters will be doing a “Round Robin”  A “Round Robin” is a quilt top that is made by a group of quilters and can be thought of as a variation of a friendship quilt.  We are going to do what is called a “Progressive Round Robin”.  The idea is based on a book by M’Liss Raw Hawley called “Round Robin Renaissance”.  Each participating person makes the equivalent of  two (2) – 12.5” blocks for each “box”  each month.  It can be two 12.5” blocks or the equivalent number of smaller units which can be used as setting blocks or sew together by the box owner at the end however they want.   You may not have time to do a paper pieced 12.5 square that month but you can do a set of  6.5” 4 patches or half square triangles that can be used to set the other blocks within the quilt top. 
Each quilter who signs up to participate will gather together at least 3 yards of material of at least 3 different fabrics.  Each participating quilter will fill out a guidance sheet indicating the participant’s preferences for the types of fabrics and blocks each quilter in their group will make for them.  The fabrics, along with the guidance sheet, will be placed in a plastic 14”  x 14” carry box (scrap booking storage box as found at Joanne’s).  This box will be brought to guild each month and passed among the participating group members till all group members have an opportunity to make the 2 12.5” blocks for that box.  At the end of the guild year, each participant will have 12 completed blocks ready to set into a quilt top.  
Groups will be limited to 6 people.  Sign-up can occur any time prior to or at the September meeting.  Please e-mail me if you are interested in participating so I can start organizing the groups.  A number of guild members already signed up at the June meeting.

The Groups are:
Skill Level:
Type of Quilt / Techniques
Pieced blocks only
Applique – Only   (Please indicate if you have a preference for Hand Applique only, Machine Applique only, or would not mind both techniques in your quilt)
Mixed Techniques (Group member have the choice of doing pieced blocks, any style applique or blocks with embellishments like machine embroidery.
Pieced blocks only
Applique – Only   (Please indicate if you have a preference for Hand Applique only, Machine Applique only, or would not mind both techniques in your quilt)
Mixed Techniques (Group member have the choice of doing pieced blocks, any style applique or blocks with embellishments like machine embroidery.
September 2013
Sign up; organize people into groups, et al
October  2013
Boxes are due for  1st exchange
November 2013
2nd exchange
December  2013
No round robin exchange – Christmas block exchange and party time Plus everyone is busy with holiday preparations
January 2014
3rd block exchange
February 2014
4th block exchange
March 2014
5th block exchange
April 2014
6th block exchange
May 2014
Return of all boxes to owner. 
June 2014
Show and tell of blocks within each group. 
September 2014
Show and Tell of finished Quilt Tops to Guild and Group Members

In fairness to group participants, we are establishing these “rules” for this project:
-          This is a commitment.  If you have  doubts that you can complete 2 – 12.5” blocks each month on time and get it back to guild, don’t sign up.  There will be other opportunities in the future that will be a better fit with your availability to sew each month.  We’ve all “been there” when life gets in the way of something we want to do.
-           If you can’t make it to guild for a particular meeting, find someone to bring your box for exchange and to bring you your next box from the meeting.  If you don’t have a “friend” attending the meeting that month, participants can drop off/pick up boxes at my house.  I am working from home (telecommuting) and can usually answer the door for 5 minutes or get something quickly off the front porch.  Please let me know if you will not make a meeting or when you will stop by my house to retrieve your month’s box.  . 
-          I will be available throughout if the participants have any questions on what to make.  We have sample blocks available. 
-          I will track each group’s boxes each meeting.  Participants will “turn” in the boxes to me; at the beginning of each guild meeting.   I will note who has already had whose box to ensure all boxes get distributed equally. 
Recommendation to save time each month: 
-          Find a favorite “block”  (or set of blocks) that you will make for each quilt.  Then all you need to do each month is select which fabrics to use, cut and sew.  It is much more time consuming when you try and figure out a new block or blocks for each person each month.  There is also something nice about seeing your same blocks in different quilts with  different fabrics and set in different ways.
If you think you are interested and/or want more information and sample pictures of “Progressive Round Robin” quilts from the “Round Robin Renaissance” book, please e-mail me @ mlcarlsonwc@yahoo.com
Maureen Carlson


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Row By Row
July 1 through Labor Day
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Falling Springs Presbyterian Church
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Four County Quilters Guild Quilt Show
“Baskets of Friendship 2013”
Aug 2-4, 2013
Frederick County Fair Grounds, Maryland
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Diamond State Quilt Show
August 8-10, 2013
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Space available in many classes!
AQS Quilt Show
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Pennsylvania National Quilt
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