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Saturday, July 25, 2020

August 2020 Newsletter

President's Message - Lynn Telson

The year has started off with a ZOOM! Pun intended.


The executive board met in July to kick of this new year. As sad as it is to say, zoom has to become our friend.  I like the rest of you prefer face to face meetings. The church will allow us to meet with stringent requirements such as bringing our own chairs, no A/C or heat, sanitizing everything to name a few. The board has unanimously decided to continue with Zoom meetings for the guild at the present time. Board meetings will continue on Zoom after face to face has resumed for convenience of attendees.


In an effort to advertise our guild, we are opening our September Zoom meeting and presentation by Barb Vedder to friends at no charge. There is no limit to the number of people you invite to attend. Please email me with the names so I know who they are to admit them into the meeting.  In addition we will have an item to auction. Pictures to follow.


Please send me your show and tell pictures.  This will make it easier to see the items presented during the Zoom meeting.


We are in need of someone to handle our website. Jamie and her husband have done a nice job and are willing to pass it on to an interested person. Please email me directly if you are interested in managing our website.


Penn Oaks has many years of historical information. It was discussed at the board meeting to digitize this information and possibly post a snapshot of our history on social media. Given that, we need one or more persons that can take on the job of digitizing the information.  Please email me with your interest.


We are continuing with the door prize to all members and guests that attend our zoom meetings. If you have a donation, please contact Kathy DiCarli. All donors must be able to mail their item to the winner. 


I am looking forward to seeing everyone as we Zoom 😢 our way through the year.


Lynn Telson

Programs - Jen Burke

Thanks everybody with your patience as we put out the schedule for next few months. Lynn has asked us to invite a friend to each of these programs if we can!

August Bee will be on Zoom

Everyone is welcome to join us from 5 pm to 9 pm on August 12, 2020 to sew and snack and share! Although I would rather be there in person, I forget so much when I travel that I’ll be able to just sew my brains out this time. I have planned a big deep clean of my sewing room before August 12th. I am not reminding myself that you can only see the wall behind me so this is not important….. A word to the wise, make sure you cut before you have that cocktail. Not a mistake you want to make twice!!!!!!!


Join us for a zoom session with Barb Vedder of fun with Barb. She will be presenting Sensational Solid Quilts. This will not be the same lecture for those of you who are also in Calico Cutters. This is a new lecture from Barb and I’m excited that we get to participate in this brand new lecture.  

Ways & Means - Robin McMillen

Hi Quilters
With the current environment, I do not envision our Acorn Shoppe Sale happening anytime soon.  I have some materials collected that I am storing in my garage and I am hoping for some help.  If anyone has some space to spare in their home to hold these items I would be so thankful.  I have a large home but, we are all working and attending school from home so we are using every nook and cranny.  No one wants to zoom with their teachers from the bed room right?  Please call me on my cell if you have some space to offer.  I promise to mask up and drive my station wagon over and stack it neatly where you have space.  My cell is (610)836-1363.  The items will all fit in one load of my outback station wagon.  This should give you an idea of how much stuff.  There is a vintage sewing machine some fabric and books and a few household items.  

On another note:
I had an idea and I was wondering if anyone was interested in working with me.  For those of you who are newer members, we have some quilters in the guild that make soldier quilts to donate to veterans.  Delores Holzwarth has made hundreds of soldier quilts.  I have been feeling very discouraged with our current environment.  There is so much misery and there are members of our community that are on the front lines of this pandemic.  I am particularly thankful for all the nurses that work so hard.  We have a charity quilt committee in our guild and I thought it might be nice to do something similar to soldier quilts but send them to nurses.  We would need to design requirements for the quilt so they would have a unifying theme/color or pattern.  Then we would need to find a way to identify the nurses that would be most deserving.  If anyone is interested in this idea, please email me robin_mcmillen@yahoo.com.  We could start with our guild but maybe reach out to others.  I got the idea from a news segment on CBS Sunday Morning news about an amateur painter that is painting ER nurses portraits and donating the portraits to the nurses.  Here is the video on Youtube.  Warning -- you will need some tissues.  I was literally sobbing.  

Thank you 

Robin McMillen

Membership - Kathy & Bob DeCarli and Marianne Caporale

Hi ladies We now have received 24 Membership forms. If you are not able to print the membership forms please alert us and we will mail them to you snail mail, and you can return them in the same way. We have a few checks without forms. Thanks. Please remember the amount for dues this year is $20.00.

Community Outreach - Elaine Mayer

Hello Fellow Quilters,
There has been discussion that because we are a smaller group and our efforts were interrupted by COVID, we would consider keeping our current charities for one more year. I like the idea and I think it makes sense. So, keep making those Chester Bears, juvenile pillowcases and keep the Honeybrook Food Pantry in your mind. And, remember I am happy to collect any food donations or you may drop them off at the trailer at Kelly's church (St Peter Parish, Downingtown). They collect non perishable food items the fourth full week of each month (this weekend).

We would like to continue the quilts of valor for Main Line Health Hospice patients. Carolyn Davis has several kits ready to go, for those of you who have time for a charity quilt. You could always share a kit with a friend if the whole thing seems too daunting.

Stay safe and mindful of hand hygiene during the next few months.

Elaine Mayer

Newsletter Articles - Kelly Meanix
As always members are invited to send items to be included in the newsletter. Please send them to Kelly Meanix at kellymx@aol.com Items are due no later than the 24th of the month. The newsletter is published on the 25th, except for holidays. Please send them in an email and not as an attachment.

Sampler Sew Along - Kelly Meanix

some of my blocks

We are coming down the home stretch of our Sampler Sew Along. The last blocks will come out on October 1st, 2020. Are you keeping up? I am so excited to see what everyone comes up with. Are you thinking about your setting? I am not sure what I am doing yet. The goal will be to have the top together for the February meeting. Extra kudos for having it quilted! I think I can convince the board to have a gift card handy to pull a name from everyone who has at least completed their top just like last time. The only requirement is that 30 of the blocks that were sent out must be in the quilt. The extra paper pieced blocks do not need to be included but can count as your 30. And maybe an extra surprise!!!???? Questions? Call or email me. kellymx@aol.com  610-873-7211

Guild Bees

Hi  I am the founding Mother of the Chatalaine Bee better known at The Chats. We meet in the daytime  at  the homes of our members . We are a friendly group but,. since we can’t meet face to face we are presently meeting on Zoom. We began as a group of hand appliquers, but we now bring our own hand work. We formerly brought our lunch and the hostess provided coffee and dessert. We work and talk about quilting and solve the problems of the world  We talk and laugh give advice share new quilting techniques and ,our favorite new books . We would welcome new members , we don’t get a lot of work done but at times like these  the laughs are the best part.

Quilters are loving people. Who doesn’t need more of that at times like these. 
Prayers , and laughs Kathy DeCarli

Queen Bees - Social group of 11 who meet once a month on a Friday night to enjoy each other's friendship and share experiences -- both quilting and life.  Meeting dates are chosen to suit bee member availability and are typically scheduled 6-9 months out at a time.   With 11 bee members we max out our dining room's table space so at this point in time we are not open to new members.  Maureen Carlson 
2021 Getaway

Hello quilters! Our Getaway is still on the calendar. We recognize the uncertainties of the times we are in, but we are taking a cautiously optimistic view that we will be able to have our Getaway. We will continue to hold the Getaway at the Amish View Inn & Suites at 3125 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-in-Hand. Next year, the Getaway dates are February 17-21. We will decide at a later date if the Getaway reservations will be accepted in October or November. The sewing room fee is $450 plus 6% tax; this amount will be shared equally by all attendees. In early fall we'll work with the Amish View Inn to determine the number of quilters the sewing room can safely accommodate. 
The room rates (including tax) for a single/double room will be $116.65 for Wednesday/Thursday nights, and $166.50 for Friday/Saturday nights. A deposit of $100.00 per room will hold your reservation. Come for one night, two, three or all four nights to sew, shop and visit with your fellow members. Take a look at the Amish View Inn web site (www.AmishViewInn.com) to learn about this wonderful venue. Please give some thought to the Getaway and let us know your feelings and/or interest in having this event.
Note from Fay Ann Grider 

Show & Tell

Here is my latest quilt, The Pathway.
When I was a sophomore in college, I did some house work for
my humanities professor. He was also an editor for a New York
publishing company so he paid me in Poetry books. One of the poems
has haunted me for sixty years and almost cost me my job. I made the quilt
in hopes that it would go away, but I doubt it.

My show & tell.  Best I can determine I’ve not submitted this quilt yet.  If I have please ignore. UFO for 10+ years now finished!!!! 

Maureen Carlson

Robin McMillen sent in the following:

From former member Rob Lodi!

Kelly Meanix  - churn dash swap blocks from 2018

Flag quilt to hopefully be done by Labor Day. Border is a cheater fabric!

I quilted this with two layers of batting Carolyn basted it as the pins were too short Don’t try this at home It was a bear - Kathy DeCarli

Kathy and I made a "Stack n Whack" and Carolyn quilted it.

It’s called north, south, east, west by Maureen Carlson

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